Lennox and Addington County OTA TV Signal Scout #1

Hi Kimothy,

Greetings from the Township of Addington Highlands.

I had a very exciting day. Well, exciting for a researcher at least.

Started mapping the OTA TV signals available within the County of Lennox and Addington today.

Took my first measurement from the Flying J gas station at Hwy 41 and Hwy 401 in Napanee. It looks like the Flying J is slowly turning into a Shell station. Too bad. I’ve always had a soft spot for Flying Js (home of Flying Java coffee) and Irving Big Stops. Here’s my dog chillin’ while I wait for the USB TV tuner to scan.

In terms of OTA TV signals, Napanee was a bust. No analogue or digital TV signals. Can’t say I’m surprised considering I’m just using rabbit ears.

Next stop, TVO’s analogue transmitter in Cloyne, Ontario.

It’s hard to miss the tower from Hwy 41, just south of Bon Echo Provincial Park. There was a locked gate across the driveway to the tower but here’s a few shots of the TVO tower (CICO-TV-92 Cloyne 55 UHF).

After taking these snaps I then prompted my netbook to scan for OTA TV signals.

Much to my surprise/excitement, I was able to pull in a crystal clear TVO signal on my netbook. I suppose that’s to be expected seeing that I was only 50m from the transmitter, but things that are supposed to work don’t always work (especially in the digital computer world). Here’s a photo of the TVO signal on my netbook.

I was pretty jazzed to see such a clear signal on my netbook. TVO on a computer in Cloyne, Ontario? What? Totally cool. My dog was less impressed.

Part 2 to follow. Uploading all this via dial-up internet takes ages.

Peace out,


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