Part 2: Lennox and Addington County OTA TV Signal Scout #1

Dear Dr. Shuller,

As noted in Part 1 of my first Lennox and Addington County OTA TV signal scout, my trip to TVO’s Cloyne transmitter (CICO, 55 VHF) was a success. I was able to easily pull in TVO’s signal while parked 50m from the tower. After pulling back onto Highway 41, I was able to hold the signal until I reached the edge of Bon Echo park at a speed of 90 km/h.

My next destination after TVO’s tower was Global TV’s Bancroft tower which is actually in Vennachar, Ontario.  I couldn’t get as close to the Global tower as I did the TVO tower but I still managed to pull within 100 m of Global’s tower. Here it is through the trees.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tune in the signal  (CIII, 2 VHF) on my netbook.  I was still jazzed about pulling in TVO’s signal so I decided to retire for the day with a 1-1 score.

I decided the next morning to give pulling in Global TV’s signal another shot. I was at Copeland Lake (a few kilometers from Vennachar) but I figured I would give it a whirl.  Much to my surprise, I was able to pull in Global’s broadcast of The Hour of Power on my netbook.  I knew Global’s signal was strong when using an exterior antenna with a booster but I didn’t expect it would come it so well on my netbook using just rabbit ears.

I’m not sure why I couldn’t pull in the same signal the day before while parking next to the Global tower but nonetheless it was good to see it working from Copeland Lake.  Perhaps it was due to the nature of the programming and/or my beer case antenna base.

I scanned for other channels while at Copeland Lake but Global was the only signal that came in clear. I was able to pull in the audio from SRC in Ottawa (CBOFT, 9 VHF) but no picture.

That’s it for my first report.

My next Lennox and Addington signal scout is set for this weekend. I’m going to head to Adolphustown, Ontario to measure OTA TV signals in the area (I expect to pull in plenty of U.S. HDTV channels) and then up to the Flinton Jamboree to hopefully chat with folks about their OTA TV viewing.



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