Lennox and Addington OTA TV Scout #2

Dear Kathie,

Reporting back from my second OTA TV signal scout in Lennox and Addington County.

Driving to Adolphustown on the shores of Lake Ontario during a Canadian long weekend was a bad idea but my dog and I eventually made it.

With my broken tent pitched and fire started I set up my netbook and antenna.

In terms of Canadian analogue signals, I was able to pull in a repeat of CJOH’s Regional Contact (local TV!)  on Channel 6:

I was also able to receive audio-only  from the local CBC English station on Channel 11. Sounded like David Suzuki so I imagine it was an episode of The Nature of Things.

In term of scanning for digital OTA TV signal (as a New Yorker), I was unable to pull in any digital signals. Unlike analogue where you can try on your own to see how much of a signal you can receive, those searching for digital signals have no such luxury. If you try to see what digital signals come in, even faintly, the Windows Media Center software simply states, “You cannot watch TV until you add channels”.

I had been looking forward to pulling in some Up-State New York news to watch during dinner but instead I had to cook TVless.

My next scout will be announced soon. Follow me on Twitter for the latest at www.twitter.com/stevenjmay



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