First OTA TV Viewer Interviews

Hi Ernie,

Recorded a pair of informative interviews with OTA TV viewers in Lennox and Addington County yesterday.

First up was lunch with Perry.  Perry actually lives closer to Kingston but he works in Napanee.

It was interesting to hear Perry recount the day that CTV came to his childhood home of Thunder Bay and also how he had to negotiate with his mom to continue watching TV in order to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

Currently, Perry mainly watches digital OTA TV signals from the United States. The only digital Canadian station he can receive (after hiring a technician to upgrade his antenna tower) is the CJOH repeater signal out of Deseronto.  He also receives CBC, Global and TVO in analogue.

I was intrigued to learn that Perry receives his high speed internet via an over the air signal coming from the local farmer’s barn.  Wondering if perhaps this might be a good way for TV viewers in rural Canada to receive TV after the digital transition?

My next interview was with Ed up Highway 41 in Roblin, Ontario.

After kindly offering me a cold can of Coca-Cola, Ed brought me up to speed on his OTA TV viewing.  Both Ed and Perry stressed the need to have a rotar to spin their antennae to capture digital OTA TV signals. Interestingly, Ed and Perry both use older analogue antennae to pull in digital signals (Ed’s antenna is pictured at the start of this post).

Ed was hoping that I had some answers in terms of Canada’s plan  for the digital TV transition. I told him how I was hoping that he knew.   Ed would like to see the Government of Canada start running ads on TV detailing the plan for the digital switch and to set up a website titled Digtal TV is Coming so that people can find out more information.

My camera battery died just as we were finishing up but I managed to get some b-roll of his neighbour’s sheep by plugging into my car’s cigarette lighter.

Next up, Lynne in Renfrew County.



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