OTA TV interview in Renfrew County

Hey Dominic,

Received a message last week from an OTA TV viewer in Renfrew who spotted one of my posters in her local grocery store.

Lynne was clearly an OTA TV advocate so I jumped in the car with my videocamera and made the one hour drive north to Renfrew from Denbigh.

According to Lynne, she has been watching free OTA TV “forever”. She wonders why Canada is switching to digital OTA TV if it means that many Canadians like herself might have to start paying to receive something by satellite that they have always received free to air.  Lynne is happy with her 3 or 4 channels and would like to continue receiving them for free.

Lynne’s expectation is that if she spends the money for a “special antenna” she will be able to pull in free digital over-the-air TV signals. When asked what she will do if this doesn’t work, Lynne noted that she will blame her boyfriend’s friend who said it would work.

In terms of who should pay for this digital transition, Lynne proposed that the entities that serve to profit from this shift should be the ones to shoulder the expense of the transition.

After our interview Lynne showed me her intricate antennae arrangement and how if she touches one of her antennae to the curtain rod next to her TVs she can get better reception.

I’m back to Napanee tomorrow to interview a francophone OTA TV viewer.



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