FOUND! Digital to Analogue Converter Box

Dear Minister Moore,

Following up regarding my digital to analogue converter box search.

After unsuccessfully scouring electronics stores across the Greater Toronto Area for an in-stock box, I finally found one last month while killing time in Napanee, Ontario. Good show, Napanee! Here’s a link to the unit available at The Source:

I’ve never heard of Zinwell and $89.99 plus HST wasn’t exactly cheap, but I’m glad to finally have one.

Upon returning to my flat in Toronto I excitedly (ya, I know) attached my trusty rabbit ears to the box and TV  and set it to scan for digital signals:

CBLT-DT (CBC), CFTO HD (CTV) , CIII- DT (Global), OMNI 2, City HD and OMNI 1 tune well, though I have to move the antennae each time I change the channel.  The CKXT-DT (SunTV) signal is weak and barely watchable. WKBW-HD from the United States appears on the channel scan but is not strong enough to display.

An added perk of the converter box is that I now have a remote for my TV. I also have the option of Closed Captioning.

Curious when TVO will be switching to digital.



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