OTA TV interview in Toronto

Hello Minister Moore,

Interviewed my neighbour and friend Arlene last night in search of insight from a Toronto-based OTA TV viewer.

Arlene likes the small and portable CRT TV that she’s had since university (pictured above) and has no interest in upgrading to a newer set.  Although she feels that she might be in a minority, she does not buy-in to the hype of having to upgrade her electronics every few years.

The issue of waste is a central concern expressed by Arlene when asked about the digital television transition.  Arlene is worried about how all the discarded TV sets are being disposed of and the environmental impact of such waste.

As a supporter of public television, Arlene advised that she will organize a protest if access to public television signals is jeopardized by Canada’s digital television transition.

Until next time,


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