Free TV(s and microwave) of the Month

Spotted these devices at the side of Purcells Cove Road just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia a few weeks back.

While I always enjoy stopping at this spot to take in the view of the Atlantic, I would never dump a toxic device like a television at such a location.

The screens of both sets were scratched (likely by the same chumps who dumped them).

Cool stickers and tags, yo (not).

Not much else to say other than, don’t do this folks. If you don’t want your TV and you’ve gone to the trouble of putting it in your vehicle, drop it off with someone or a charity that does want it.

After all, the ocean doesn’t watch TV, dude.


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One Response to Free TV(s and microwave) of the Month

  1. Rick says:

    The thrift stores in my town are FULL of old television sets. You can get a 27″ Japanese television that actually works for $10.00. I’ve always wondered if the people who gave them away knew that you can still use them by adding a converter box.

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