UHF Loop Antenna + DTV signals = More OTA channels
















Hi Minister Moore,

I’ve known for some time that a UHF antenna (the circular loop kind) bring in digital over-the-air signals better than VHF antennae (rabbit ears).

Problem was, the UHF antennae I used to own have vanished and I can’t find any in Toronto.

Well, I helped one of my Grandmas move out of her house and into a retirement residence today and in the process I scored a UHF antenna. See below.

















Pretty sweet, eh? The wiring’s plastic sheath is brittle and will need to be replaced but it works!

I’ve only actually gained two additional channels but I’m still stoked.

I now also get CBLFT-D, which is French CBC, and WNLO-HD which is the CW out of Buffalo.

I have to move the UHF antenna closer to the window to get the CW, and face it directly south, but the important thing is that I NOW GET TO WATCH TYRA!



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