CES 2011 a “coming out party” for FREE OTA Mobile TV

Photo credit: OMVC


Dear Minister Moore,

Not sure if you or any of your staff made it to CES this year but it sounds like there was a great feature on free-to-air, over-the-air ATSC Mobile TV devices and signals.

I so wish that there was a Canadian equivalent to the OMVC. They’re doing excellent Mobile TV testing in the United States and look poised to offer free to air Mobile TV soon.

In Canada, Mobile ATSC testing appears to be being done by each broadcaster independently. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t have pooled their resources and made a firm commitment to role out such broadcasting to Canadians in the near future.

Check out this link for more insight.

Thanks to Brad Fortner for sharing the link on his Twitter and for the title of this post.



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