Greetings from Gatineau

Dear Minister Moore,

Greetings from Gatineau. Well, I’m actually in Ottawa at this moment but I will be presenting across the river at the CRTC for the BCE/CTV benefits hearing tomorrow.

Dad was asking today about my title at these things.

Last time I was at the CRTC in 2009, my on-screen CPAC title was “Individual”.

I didn’t mind Individual at that time since I was on a panel with young folks who had been duped into appearing in support of either the Save Local TV or the Stop the TV Tax campaigns created by broadcasters and BDUs (excluding Shaw) in 2009 who were battling over the Fee For Carriage/Value for Signal issue at the time. Things are very different now of course with most broadcasters now owned, or almost owned, by BDUs.

I would prefer Dude for tomorrow, or maybe Hoser, but I really don’t care.

Dad thought Advocate was good.

I suggested Activist.

Dad suggest Advocate again.

I’m going to play this video for the Commission tomorrow and then lay out how they can best educate Canadians about the DTV transition (and also get BCE to pay for it).



p.s. I just read a tweet that KvF is being summoned to appear at a rushed Industry Canada thing tomorrow that has been formed in reaction to Canada’s rightful revolt of usage-based Internet billing. I’m glad that Industry Canada is looking at this but I don’t like that the Chairman of the CRTC might have to miss the last day of the BCE/CTV benefits hearing. Can’t Industry Canada wait one day? If not, it really shows how the Feds don’t care about BCE/CTV benefits and are only interested is scoring political points. I hope I’m wrong on this.

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