Future Shop in Toronto has (Two) Digital to Analogue Converter Boxes!

Dear Minister Moore,

Popped into the Future Shop located at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto on Tuesday to see if they finally had any digital to analogue converter boxes in stock.

I asked a helpful employee named Kyle and he said that they had just received two of them that day.

Kyle lead me to a corner of the massive store and placed one of the boxes in my hand, advising they were priced at $59.99.

Told him I was very pleased that they were finally carrying them at that location and that they would be wise to order more.  Kyle said he had never seen one before. We then had a good discussion about how digital OTA TV might result in less revenue for cable companies but that Canadian television viewers deserve a “menu of options” as Minister Clement said in a CBC radio interview last week in reference to Internet.

The two boxes they have are only the basic converter boxes (no HDMI output) but these boxes are the kind that viewers (in mandatory markets) with TVs lacking ATSC digital tuners will need following August 31.

Also asked Kyle about antennas and he said that they had a few of the smaller TV top antennas in stock but that the larger roof antennas capable of pulling in more channels were sold out.

I was going to link to the converter box at futureshop.ca for this post but I couldn’t find the item on their site. I tried a number of search terms but no luck. This needs to be fixed.

I did however find a Future Shop Community Board regarding the digital television transition.  Unfortunately, the most recent post was from May, 2009 and discussion was largely about the US transition.

I’m pleased to see Future Shop finally provide OTA TV options to their Canadian customers.

Just hope they order more than 2 at a time.

200 at a time would be a better idea.



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