Smash Cuts vs. TVO

Dear Minister Moore,

I watch a lot less TVO since I got my digital to analogue over-the-air (OTA) television converter box.

Here’s why.

In order to watch my nine digital OTA television channels, I have to set my TV to Channel 4 and turn on my digital to analogue converter box.

Once this is done, I can watch and surf through my digital channels with the use of the handy remote that came with the converter box.

I can also mute commercials, change the aspect ratio, and turn on Closed Captioning if needed.

Once I’m in this digital OTA television viewing mode, I tend to stay in it.

This means I hardly watch TVO anymore.

You see, TVO is the only OTA TV channel in Toronto that has yet to start broadcasting in digital.

If I want to watch TVO, I have to get up off the couch (!!!), get on my knees (!!!), and manually tune my TV to TVO.

This rarely happens.

As a result, I end up watching much less regional Ontario content and much more Smash Cuts on the CW.

I do hope TVO starts transmitting in digital soon.

Otherwise, I might forget they exist if they wait until August 31.




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