6 months to go. Time for an info line.

Dear Minister Moore,

Writing to wish you a happy 6 months to Canada’s digital television transition.

Also writing to let you know that I’ve set up a toll free info line that Canadians can call (for free) to learn more about the digital television transition.

It costs less than $10 per month for such a line so I figured I would go for it.

The current plan is to have a voice-mail box where Canadian television viewers can leave their question about the transition. I will then call them back or e-mail them regarding what is happening in their area.

I’d also like to eventually have a TTY line and some other volunteers to answer messages in languages other than English.

If you know anyone who wants to help out please get them to e-mail me at digitaltv2011(at)yahoo(dot)ca.

The number is ready and I will be announcing it in the coming weeks.



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2 Responses to 6 months to go. Time for an info line.

  1. Mike V says:

    Weren’t the public service announcements supposed to start about now?

    • Yes, those broadcasters that are shutting off their analogue TV signals after August 31/11 were to have started airing their shut-off PSAs by March 1/11, at the latest. I’ve yet to see any.

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