Free CRT TVs of the Month

Dear Minister Moore,

Seeing that I didn’t feature any junked TVs in February, I’ve actually got two from Toronto for you this month.

The first one won’t do anyone much good.

It appears to be a good sized broadcast quality editing monitor.

I always wonder if TVs get smashing before disposal, during disposal or after.

Looks like this one went out with the Christmas Tree.

Not sure if it’s connected but there was an empty LCD DTV located a few feet from the smashed monitor (see below).

The second free CRT TV of the Month was so nice I took it home.

It’s a 20 inch Sony with a working remote!

The only problem with it is that the coaxil connector is crunchy. Luckily it has RCA ports so I’m just using those to pipe in my OTA signal from a VCR.

Unlike the other Sony CRT TV of the same size that my Auntie gave me 5 years ago, it has Closed Captioning which is nice. On the downside, I notice the older Sony CRT TV has better quality speakers than this newer one. The newer Sony audio sounds tinny.

I actually managed to speak with the person who placed the Sony TV at the curb.

When I asked the former owner if she thought the garbage collectors would take the TV away she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know”.

The answer folks, in Toronto at least, is no,  old TVs will NEVER be picked up by the garbage collector.  Televisions are toxic beasts and must be disposed of by Toronto’s special e-waste folks. Here’s one of their funny TV ads featuring Chuck and Vince.



p.s. Seeing that one, if not both, of the featured TVs this month are Sony sets I would like to dedicate this post to the people of Japan during this difficult time.

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