5 Months to Canada’s Digital Television Transition

Dear Candidate Moore,

Happy 5 months to Canada’s digital television transition.

As one of my OTA TV advocate colleague at CACTUS likes to say, it’s never too late to implement a comprehensive digital television transition strategy.

March did include some positive baby steps in that regard.

Was glad to see Heritage spruce up their DTV transition website, though I’m still waiting for rich media (videos, animations?) and more precise local information for television viewers. A DTV transition Twitter account would be a good idea too. Heck, I would even post to it for you!

The CRTC has announced that those DTV transition PSAs that were to start airing on March 1, 2011 at the latest, now must start airing on May 1st, for really really real this time. We’ll see, I guess.

Both TVO and CBC/Radio-Canada launched their digital television transition websites. Both are rather sparse, though I’m glad to see CBC/Radio-Canada post their signal maps online. It will be curious to see how OTA viewers in cities like London and Saskatoon will respond to seeing a map that shows zero OTA signals in their communities post-transition. I know one guy who isn’t too pleased.

No word on CTV’s digital television transition information campaign. I guess I’ll need to ask the newly minted Bell Media about their plans for OTA (cough, cough).

While I suggested to the CRTC during the Bell/CTV hearing that Bell’s purchase of the balance of CTV would require BCE to create a national transition call centre and education campaign, neither the CRTC or Bell seemed too interested.

Electronics stores like Future Shop are finally carrying digital to analogue OTA converter boxes. I’ve suggested to them that they stock more than three at a time and that they keep them in the TV section rather than in Computers. They should also tell their staff they exist since I’ve been told more than once that they don’t carry them and then I should order them online.

The Federal Election in May also provides an opportunity for political parties to come out and state that they will ensure a successfull transition to DTV. I’ve yet to hear it mentioned.



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