Dude, Where’s my TV one year later

Dear Minister Moore,

One year ago today, I started this here blog.

Dude, Where’s my TV was launched as part of a directed research course I was required to complete as part of my PhD “core course” load. Knowing that I wanted to eventually focus on Canada’s digital television transition for my dissertation, I figured I would try to meet with some over-the-air (OTA) television viewers in order to acquire insight into their television viewing.

Under the guidance of Ryerson University’s Dr. Michael Murphy and with help from the Napanee Beaver, EMC Northeast, my parents and my neighbours, I hit the road last summer to interview Ontario OTA TV viewers.

A sample of my findings from those road trips to Napanee, Roblin, Renfrew, Denbigh, Cloyne,  Vennachar, Denbigh and Toronto can be found here.

While that directed core course is long completed, this blog lives on.

Broad national interest in the digital television transition has yet to catch fire, even after the digital television transition PSAs started airing May 1.

This is no shock to me.

The DTV transition won’t resonate with the public and mainstream media until OTA TV viewers wake up the morning of Sept 1, 2011 and find static.

Fortunately, there are people out there (average, everyday Canadians) who are ahead of the curve on this issue and are striving to make this transition a success.

With less than four months to go, I am holding out hope that this DTV transition can be done in the best interest of Canadians (although, to be honest, all signs to date point to other reasons for this transition to be  happening).

I’ll be giving it all I got with this blog as we hit the home stretch, hopefully without pissing off too many people and destroying my future job prospects in the process (not that I really worry too much about that stuff).

Thanks for visiting. See you around.



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