Sun News Network failing to air digital television transition PSAs

Dear Minister Moore,

Seeing that the fishing boat my Grandpa gave me was crushed by a tree last week and the fact that my PhD exams are just around the corner, I stayed in the GTA this Victoria Day Weekend.

Apart from mowing the lawn and letting my Mom win at Scrabble, I also recorded 24 hours straight of the Sun News Network (see the VHS tapes pictured above).

Why on earth would anyone watch or record 24 hours of Sun News Network, you ask?

To see if they would air any digital television transition PSAs, that’s why.

The result?

Sun News Network aired zero (0) DTV PSAs in Toronto on May 22/11.

The minimum they should be airing right now is 6 per day, increasing to 8 per day after Aug 1.

I’ve spotted such PSAs on CTV, CBC, Global, CHCH, TVO, OMNI and Rogers but none on Sun News Network.

My hunch is that Sun News has yet to air a single DTV PSA since the May 1/11 deadline.

Quebecor opposed the PSA requirements as outlined by the CRTC in Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2011-198 and it appears that their proposed approach is to air no PSAs.

This is yet another example of how Canada needs an arms-length body to oversee this DTV transition.

Curious to hear how you and the CRTC will respond.

Please advise,


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