3 Months until Canada’s digital television transition

Image care of CHCH.

Dear Minister Moore,

A quick note to wish you a Happy 3 Months Until Canada’s DTV Transition.

May was a comparatively good month with regards to educating the public about the transition.

Better late than never.

There is room for improvement however.

I’m perplexed that you have not pressed Sun News on their failure to start airing DTV transition PSAs.

How is that fair to other broadcasters? Why is Sun News allowed to get away with showing ads instead of DTV PSAs?

More importantly, how is this fair to Canadians?

On the fairness to Canadians tip, CBC/SRC really need to start airing correct DTV PSAs in areas of the country that will have zero CBC/SRC OTA TV after Aug 31/11 (unless something changes).

The CBC/SRC DTV PSA suggestion that a DTV converter box may help OTA TV viewers in London or Saskatoon is plain false. These viewers MUST subscribe for cable or satellite to continue watching CBC/SRC OTA.

While I’m usually pretty critical of how this DTV transition has rolled out, I’d like to commend TVO on their DTV transition plans. Their PSAs are informative, Closed Captioned and with Described Video, they answer DTV questions on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and they appear committed to OTA TV (analogue and digital).

Looking forward to see what June brings.



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