Why the Globe and Mail’s CBC DTV story is noteworthy

Source: The Globe and Mail

Hello Minister Moore,

The Globe and Mail published a story yesterday focused primarily on CBC/Radio-Canada’s plans for its transition to digital television.

While the Globe has covered Canada’s digital television transition in the past, this story is of particular value for a number of reasons.

First, the Globe interviewed actual over-the-air (OTA) TV viewers this time. In the past, the Globe’s articles on DTV have been limited to interviews with regulators and industry representatives.  While this here blog,  other social media and non-mainstream sources of media have been a rich source of insight into how CBC/Radio-Canada television viewers will be impacted by the DTV transition, “Canada’s National Newspaper” has previously focused little on actual viewers.

While CBC/Radio-Canada released their OTA DTV transmitter plans and signal maps months ago, it’s only after we hear from some of the “thousands” of CBC/Radio-Canada viewers who will lose CBC OTA TV that all those maps and press releases become real.

The Globe also took the publicly available OTA TV data released by CBC and created a single, all in one “infographic” of the country (see above) that gives a clear snapshot of what’s happening in terms of their plans.

It is most impressive that the article was successful in obtaining an apology from Steven Guiton, CBC’s VP and Chief Regulatory Officer, for the public broadcaster’s failure to “continue with technology that is used by a small minority”.  For Guiton to tell Canadians that “we (CBC) are sorry” is an important first step in acknowledging that CBC’s DTV transition plan is flawed and that a more comprehensive approach is required.

The only thing missing from the Globe article is a response from you, Mr. Moore.

While we did hear from London, Ontario City Councillor Matt Brown, we did not hear from the Minister in charge of Canada’s DTV transition.

I’m left wondering what you make of CBC/Radio-Canada’s DTV transition plan and whether you are actually going to allow the public broadcaster to implement the plan in seven weeks.



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