Hello TVO, bye bye CHCH

Source: logopedia

Source: logopedia

Dear Minister Moore,

Writing with a good news/bad news OTA TV update.

I’ll give you the bad news first.

The bad news is that I’m no longer able to watch CHCH television.

I’ve been unable to receive it since they shut off their analogue transmitter in Hamilton on Monday.

Here’s video of the CHCH shut off:

I’ve tried both my special digital antenna and my ol’ rabbit ears.

No CHCH in digital.

According to the knowledgeable Mike Vormittag, the reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the “CHCH digital signal was on UHF 18 (mapped to 11.1),  now on VHF channel 11. Problem for UHF-only antennas”.

Looks like I’ll need a special antenna to pull in CHCH along with any other stations that switch to VHF.

In the meantime, I’ll have to miss out on CHCH’s Burlington Skyway reports and their movies.

As for the good news, I can now watch TVO in digital.


After staying up to watch and record TVO’s analogue transmitter shut off in Toronto (see below), I did a scan on my DTV converter box this morning and pulled in TVO DT good and strong. They’re still working on the on-screen scheduler but otherwise it’s looking and sounding good in Toronto.



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3 Responses to Hello TVO, bye bye CHCH

  1. Bill says:

    bell and rogers tell the crtc what to do
    check crtc’s employees income ,payoffs from rogers

  2. Samuel Adams says:

    This letter is annoying. A VHF+UVF antenna is not a ‘special’ antenna. A UVF only antenna is a special antenna. You have inadequate equipment. Additionally, there’s no such thing as a ‘digital antenna.’ A simple google search on ‘digital antenna myths’ should confirm what I’m saying.

    • Thanks for your comment, Samuel. My mention of a “special antenna” was more to poke fun at the hype that comes with DTV. As you noted, UHF antennas are often best for DTV, though some Canadian broadcasters will be using VHF after Aug 31 so viewers will need VHF antennas (aka “rabbit ears”).

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