Last Channel Standing

Hi Minister Moore,

After waiting almost seven weeks for Canadian television broadcasters to work out the kinks in their digital transmitters, I’m writing to advise that Global TV is the last OTA channel standing in Denbigh, Ontario.

No other OTA signals have been available in the area since the August 31, 2011 shut-off of analogue television signals in mandatory digital markets.

Turns out that the analogue OTA CBC, Radio-Canada and CTV signals that Denbigh had been receiving from Ottawa for decades weren’t even supposed to reach that far. That’s what the call centre woman at Canadian Heritage told me anyway. She advised that the signal maps that she googled to help answer my question showed that analogue CBC, Radio-Canada and CTV television signals were never available in Denbigh. I told her that I had been watching them OTA in Denbigh my entire life.

Here’s the current OTA DTV transition report for Denbigh:

  • OTA TV stations available prior to DTV transition: CBC, Radio-Canada, CTV, TVO and Global.
  • OTA TV stations available after DTV transition: Global.

It’s pretty clear then that residents in Denbigh should be able to receive a free dish, hook up and basic channels from Shaw, right? Wrong. I’ll explain in my next post.



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3 Responses to Last Channel Standing

  1. Brenda says:

    I am an hour north of Belleville & 15 minutes north east of Madoc. I can still receive OTA, CKWS – Kingston [see → , Ottawa CJOH – CTV, and Global. I am disappointed that I can only get TVO OTA on channel 18 with a very poor picture but good sound.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi Steven,
    I would think that CTV is still OTA as I have no digital channels coming through. I bought a converter box but it didn’t pick up anything and OTA channels were still working!?? Consequently, I returned the converter box. :-S

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