Last Channel Standing, Part 2


Dear Minister Moore,

I hope this finds you well. Enjoyed your Nickelback tweets yesterday.

Writing to follow up my October 17, 2011 blog post that detailed how the number of over-the-air (OTA) television channels in the community of Denbigh, Ontario was reduced from five to just one following Canada’s August 31, 2011 digital television transition.

Based on this significant loss of OTA television signals, I was confident that residents of the area would be eligible for the free satellite dish, hook up and basic service offer from Shaw Direct.

This little-known offer from Shaw, which expires “before” Nov 30, 2011, is officially titled the Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program. The program was proposed by Shaw as part of its benefits package associated with its request to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to buy Global TV. The CRTC took the bait and a decision outlining Shaw’s purchase of Global TV from CanWest Global was announced in October, 2010.

Eight months later, at the Banff World Media Festival, CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein urged Shaw to start advertising the offer so that eligible viewers could “take advantage of it”.

Shaw did eventually post information online about the offer (at the bottom of a hard to find page) but I’m not aware of any other promotion of the limited time offer.

Getting back to the case of OTA TV signal loss in Denbigh, Ontario, I did indeed end up calling Shaw’s LTSS toll free phone number (1.888.782.7602) to ask about a free dish.

I was asked for the postal code for the area I was calling about. No other questions.

After a few seconds I was told that sorry, no free dish was available for that area.

When I asked why this was the case I was told that the postal code wasn’t “on the list”.

I asked about this “list” and how it was arrived at. No answer was given.

There’s my story.

What about you? Have you tried to obtain a free dish from Shaw? Please let me know.

Also, if you haven’t tried yet, hurry up since the offer expires in less than 2 days.

Looks like I’ll have to write a Part 3 to this post…


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2 Responses to Last Channel Standing, Part 2

  1. news8000 says:

    The local television satellite solution (LTSS) is working for us! Just had the dish installed and get all the local Winnipeg stations as advertised. Distance to the OTA transmitters for us is near 100km so the distance limit of 80km mentioned on other web sites (mostly antenna discussion groups) does not seem to be a factor in my case, although our old vhf antenna WAS able to capture the local stations before the digital conversion. So no more digging up home-made antenna designs like the DBGH to pick up the deep fringe digital OTA signals. Get onboard before Shaw runs out of designated funds for the LTSS program.

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