My LPIF presentation to the CRTC in Five Stills

Dear Minister Moore,

Here is my LPIF presentation to the CRTC in five stills. Stills grabbed from CPAC footage of the hearing. Transcript from the CRTC.



COMMISSIONER MOLNAR:    You are one of the only who have proposed any sort of increase and I’m really struggling with the fairness of what you have proposed, where you would suggest that customers of BDU systems who should actually pay for those who don’t choose to use the BDU systems, to get greater access for those who choose not to use the BDU system.  So, how does that work? How is that fair to put a charge on to customers who choose to get their signals over a cable or other BDU system to pay for those who choose to get their signals and services over-the-air?

MR. MAY: It’s a good question and I think it’s as fair as the original LPIF is, as intended. It is interesting that when the Commission decided to implement the LPIF that it was determined that… BDUs would be contributing to it.  So, my proposal is that it should continue and in the short term I feel (it would) be (of) value to the country to have this digital transmitter bonus.  But I feel it’s as fair as the original Fund and how fair is the original Fund, that could be a good discussion.

COMMISSIONER MOLNAR:  Do you think the proper place for us to be focused is on conventional television?

MR. MAY: Well, obviously, I have my own preferences. Does Canada have an unnatural broadcast system? Yes. There are many incentives and subsidies for cultural and safety reasons in terms of mandates, you know, as (per) specifics outlined in the Broadcasting Act.

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