BREAKING NEWS: TVO to abandon over-the-air broadcasting in analogue markets

Source: CNW Group/TVO

Dear Minister Moore,

TVO, Ontario’s public educational broadcaster, has announced it will end over-the-air television broadcasting in existing analogue markets.

According to an April, 2012 TVO Update, 100 LPRT analogue television transmitters will be decommissioned “immediately”.

14 Medium/High Power transmitters will be shut down by July 31, 2012.

These analogue transmitters will not be replaced with digital transmitters.

Here are some of the Ontario cities that will lose OTA TVO:

Bancroft     channel 42
Hawkesbury     channel 48
Huntsville     channel 13
Kenora      channel 44
Kingston     channel 38
North Bay     channel 6
Owen Sound     channel 12
Parry Sound     channel 42
Pembroke     channel 29
Penetanguishene     channel 51
Peterborough     channel 18
Sault Ste. Marie     channel 20
Sudbury     channel 19
Timmins     channel 7

Read the TVO Update here.

Makes you think, indeed.

More to follow.


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