Part 2 – Shaw Direct: The Saviour of Free TV in Rural and Remote Canada?

Dear Minister Moore,

Writing with a follow up regarding Shaw’s Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program.

As I noted in my previous post on this topic, my parents were able to eventually obtain a free satellite dish, receiver and installation through the program.

I spoke with my Mom this morning and they’re actually receiving more stations than first thought.

Here’s the list:

2 – Shaw Direct’s home channel

9 Knowledge Network

23 CTV 2 Alberta

37 CBC Toronto

39 Global Toronto

40 CityTV Toronto



44 CTV 2 Toronto

50 MCTV Sudbury (CTV)

52 Global Thunder Bay

55 TVO

(PLUS: They also still get Global analogue OTA from the tower in Vennachar.)

As you can see, my parents are being well served through the LTSS.  They now have a much broader selection of channels that are very clear.  My mom was unable to advise if the channels are HD or not.

While my mom is happy with the channels she is wondering how long the free service will last.

I told her that based on what the CRTC keeps telling me, indefinitely. Otherwise, why else would KvF be so confident in the program as a solution for rural and remote Canadians who have lost OTA TV as a result of the digital television transition?

My main issue with the LTSS program, currently, is that it is not being promoted well enough:

1) If I hadn’t told my parents about the LTSS program they never would have known about it.

2) If I hadn’t told them that they should be getting a dish they never would have kept trying after first being told they were ineligible for the LTSS.

3) If I hadn’t told my parents about the LTSS their neighbours wouldn’t have learned about it either.

More about my parents’ neighbours in Part 3 of this series.


p.s. Shaw’s LTSS toll free number is 1.888.782.7602. Call ASAP since the program will end by November at the latest.

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18 Responses to Part 2 – Shaw Direct: The Saviour of Free TV in Rural and Remote Canada?

  1. Brenda says:

    After reading your first posts about the LTSS program, I phoned Shaw on April 25th. The man told me that they would send a form for me to fill out and return to them. As of today I still have not received said form! 😦 Not very accommodating are they? I get the feeling that they are doing their best to discourage people from taking advantage of the program.
    I will try phoning them AGAIN this morning.

  2. Brenda says:

    Just thought I would post an update on my Shaw Direct service with the LTSS Program so far.
    After a couple of initial glitches all has been working well and I am very pleased with the service.
    Yesterday (Sept 17, 2012) I received my first invoice from Shaw. So I now have an account number and the total owing is $0 (so far anyway).
    There was also an announcement printed below it;

    “Please note that effective September 1st, 2012, Shaw Direct’s contribution to the Local Programming Improvement Fund will be reduced from 1.5% to 1% in accordance with the schedule set by the CRTC. For more information please visit SHAWDIRECT.CA/LPIF.”

    I haven’t gone to the site yet but I hope it doesn’t mean that eventually I will be charged a monthly fee?

  3. Brenda says:

    Thx for the prompt reply. 🙂

  4. Karin says:

    I read this blog and downloaded the form, etc. the day before I saw the full page ad for this service in our local paper! Thanks to you, I think I got a head start in the queue because today (5 weeks later) I am all set up with my free satellite. We don’t watch a lot of TV, but at least now I have the same channels we used to get, plus more!

  5. Deb says:

    Enjoying reading this. I wasn’t going to bother with the LTSS, but my cousin down the road applied, and after thinking about it I realized I was silly to not take advantage of it!

    The person I spoke with at Shaw told me it was a 4-year program, so I expect that after that time we will have to pay up or stop receiving; sadly, not even close to “indefinitely”.

    • Hi Deb. Thanks for the comment! The LTSS was not approved by the CRTC as a limited time offer. I’m surprised you were told it is only good for 4 years. Do you have the full name of the person at Shaw who said it’s a limited time offer? Do you have this in writing? Thanks!

  6. Tony says:

    Is it only available through their satellite connection with the use of a satellite dish? Do they offer it with a cable vision box through the use of cable vision also?

    • Thanks for the comment, Tony. The LTSS is satellite only. Would you prefer cable? Why?

      • Tony says:

        Is it only available through their satellite connection with the use of a satellite dish? Do they offer it with a cable vision box through the use of cable vision also?
        Cable vision already runs past my house on the street. Then I wouldn’t need to mount a satellite dish on my house.

      • As far as I know, the LTSS is only via a dish. Try calling Shaw: 1.888.782.7602. Deadline to apply is soon.

  7. Aaron Sousa says:

    you said in earlier posts that your parents are located around the Bancroft are, wouldn’t they still be able to receive 2 low power analog TV stations? Because in Bancroft, there are two analog translators. CIII-TV-2 (Global) and then CHEX-TV-1 (CHEX-TV from Peterborough (CBC soon to be CTV) I could be wrong

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