Help notify Canadians about Shaw’s Local Television Satellite Solution before November 30, 2013


Dear Minister Glover,

First, congratulations on your post as the new Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Writing with regards to a little program Shaw unleashed in 2011 as per the CRTC’s approval of its purchase of CanWest Global.

Amongst the horse trading related to the Commission’s approval of the purchase was a promise by Shaw to grant complimentary (provided certain eligibility requirements were met) basic satellite TV to Canadians cut off from access to TV as a result of Canada’s digital television transition.

The program, named the Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS), has to date been extended twice by the Commission.

The current deadline for LTSS applications is November 30, 2013.

Heralded as a solution to a flawed digital television transition (which it is not), it is nonetheless a tossed bone for Canadians.

Shaw isn’t particularly interested in promoting the LTSS, contributing in part to the program’s past two extensions.

Since I don’t see the CRTC granting Shaw a third extension for the LTSS, please help me inform Canadians about the program.

Please encourage your fellow Canadians to call 1.888.782.7602 and request a free Shaw satellite dish, receiver box, install and basic service.

A user-generated FAQ of sorts related to the LTSS can be found here.



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