Unlike Netflix, the CRTC has a duty to serve Canada


Chairman Blais becoming cross with Corie Wright’s Netflix at the Let’s Talk TV hearing. Source: CPAC.

We haven’t made any decisions, we are not leaning in any particular direction, but some parties in this proceeding have raised some issues and it’s our duty to examine those. And it’s a fact-based issue and in fact some of the facts we are requesting may actually support Netflix’ argument.  
– CRTC Chairman Blais, September 19, 2014 (Source: CRTC)

Dear Minister Glover,

I know how you like to comment on Netflix regulation so hopefully you will find this post of value.

The results of the CRTC vs. Netflix September Blowout at the Let’s Talk TV hearing a few weeks ago has left the Commission holding the regulatory bag. That sits just fine with me.

As the Chairman noted to Netflix’s Corie Wright on the 19th of September, the CRTC has a duty to ask Netflix the questions it asked and also to request the data sets that the Commission requested. If Netflix chooses not to answer or to provide information, that’s up to them.

I don’t feel that the CRTC did anything wrong in terms of dealing with Netflix at the hearing. They poked at Netflix to see what would ooze out.  That’s the CRTC’s duty.


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