New OTA DTV station available in GTA care of multicasting by Sinclair


Source: Katz Broadcasting

Dear Minister Glover,

Happy New Year. Time to rescan your OTA DTV tuner.

Writing with regards to a new TV station that is available by antenna in the Greater Toronto Area (and elsewhere) care of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s WUTV Buffalo (Channel 29).

Described as “the first-ever male-centric over-the-air broadcast television network“, Grit is the creation of the same company behind Bounce TV, Katz Broadcasting. Katz launched Grit in August 2014 but only recently expanded to Buffalo (and 46 other US markets) in the last week thanks to a deal with Sinclair.


Source: Katz Broadcasting

I’m not particularly interested in Grit’s programming. Their promo materials appear to be from an SNL skit/Old Spice ad. What interests me about this new channel is that Sinclair recognizes the value of using multicasting to best monetize its spectrum.  WUTV 29.1 is now offering Grit at 29.3 in addition to TCN (owned by yet another company, ZUUS Country) which has been carried at 29.2 since I first started watching OTA DTV in 2011.

If you live within the footprint of the signal, “Muscle Up Monday” might be to your taste. If not, I advise you still check it out and imagine how Canadian TV broadcasters could offer similar services and, most importantly, why they choose not to.



p.s. Thanks to my colleague and fellow OTAer Jesse for reminding me yesterday that Grit is now on-air in the GTA.

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