$5 Bucks, $5 Bucks, $5 Bucks!


Image Source: simplyfrugal.ca

 *Update: Shortly after posting this, I noticed that Bell Mobile TV is now $5 for 5 hours of TV/month instead of the 10 hours per month that was included up until a week or two ago.

*Update: Bell has advised that the rate change was effective Jan 15/15.

Dear Minister Glover,

Pizza is not TV but neither is footwear so here goes.

As you know, Bell Mobility Inc./BCE is none too pleased that the CRTC ruled in favour of the assertion made by Ben Klass that Bell’s $5 Bucks! Bell Mobile TV special (not pictured above) allowing Canadians to watch 10 hours of TV per month (AKA: roughly 2.5 lousy Leafs games….which doesn’t seem like much TV per month to me),”confers an undue preference”.

Bell has filed a motion with the Federal Court of Appeal for leave to appeal the decision. While we all wait to find out if the court will hear the motion, I have a possible solution.

Why doesn’t Bell instead just expand its $5 Bucks Bell Mobile TV deal to cover any TV content? Would this move not please Ben, Bell and the CRTC? Pay $5/month and eat your 10 hours of pizza!

“That’s too hard, Steven!”, you might say. “How will Bell ever figure out how to let a user  watch CTV TWO, CBC/Radio-Canada, TSN, PBS, Netflix, TVA, NFB/ONF, CPAC or any other “TV” channel in the world and then sort out all the rights and turn a profit in the process?” you might continue to say.

My (unhelpful) answer to such a reply is that I watch over-the-air TV on this mobile TV (at a loss to Bell, Shaw, Rogers, CBC and others, we’re told) and that I don’t regard cable TV, satellite TV, IPTV, or Bell Mobile TV as TV “broadcasting” even though the CRTC does.



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