Skinny Basic a boon for OTA?



Dear Minister Joly,

Congrats on the new gig.

Now that Phase I of the CRTC’s Skinny Basic is in place, I wonder if this just might be the break that (over-the-air) OTA TV in Canada has been waiting for.

While the Skinny Basic packages are fairly limited, particularly Bell’s offering, they do offer TV channels unavailable OTA that might interest Canadian television-viewing households. These non-OTA channels include The Weather Network, CPAC, AMI, APTN, TFO and others.

If such a package is appealing and worth $25 (plus other fees) to a household, and the only thing holding them back is the possible loss of their favourite sports programming or programming from American station(s), they may find out that the channels they are afraid of losing are available OTA (and always have been).

For example, some or all of the conventional U.S. stations such as CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS (plus others) are available with an antenna to many Canadians residing near the U.S. border (which includes most Canadians).

In terms of sports programming, television viewers may be satisfied with watching NHL games once a week OTA on Saturdays care of the Hockey Night in Canada feeds that Rogers offers via CBC-TV, City and OMNI.

Better yet, perhaps this regulatory TV shift will result in television viewers cancelling their traditional television subscriptions all together and instead opt to use the CRTC’s new signal tool to find local OTA TV stations.



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2 Responses to Skinny Basic a boon for OTA?

  1. bluewavepei says:

    Very few hockey fans are satisfied with watching one game a week. We can already watch any game we want online for free so why would we shell out money for this pathetic basic cable package?

    The telecoms had a chance to win back cord cutters like me if this new setup was affordable, but they failed miserably. I’m only interested in three channels – TSN, Sportsnet and History. With Bell’s packages that would cost me $62 a month. That’s absurd. I hope the CRTC makes further changes to prevent this gouging.

  2. Brenda says:

    For the previous government to actually think they could make the big telcom companies lower their prices was a gross fallacy in itself. The joke is on them.

    The $25 Basic TV package being offered by Bell with an additional PVR rental fee and a 2 year contract, illustrate how well the big corps will hose Canadians right under the governments nose!

    I was equally disappointed to learn that the CRTC decision that sided with Bell against the Mobile Virtual Network Operators to rent the networks of larger telecom companies at set rates to provide alternative wireless services.

    How anyone can be proud of these accomplishments is beyond me.

    Additionally, the amount of time it has taken just to bring these disappointing decisions to fruition, does not reflect well on a so called first world country.


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