Shaw Direct’s LTSS extended until at least November 30, 2019

Dear Minister Rodriguez,

Writing to advise that the CRTC administratively-renewed Shaw Direct’s licence today until November 30, 2019, “subject to the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licenc(e)”. This means that Shaw’s no-fee Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program will continue until at least Nov 30th since the LTSS is part of the terms and conditions in effect under Shaw Direct’s current DTH (Star Choice) licence scheduled to expire August 31st.

This decision will help to maintain TV access to the 30,000+ Canadian households that subscribe to the no-fee LTSS. Still curious to hear what your plan is to maintain such no-fee household access to TV if changes are made to the LTSS after November 30.

Please advise,


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12 Responses to Shaw Direct’s LTSS extended until at least November 30, 2019

  1. Michael says:

    Information taken directly from CRTC website (via a google search)

  2. 1yves1 says:

    Well, it is September 1st, and my LTSS is still active. We’ll see if this is the same tomorrow, if Shaw is lazy and de-activates the next working day (Tuesday) or if in fact, LTSS is extended until November 30th.

    Still not a peep out of them for me.

    • Deb says:

      Sept 7th and my LTSS is still working and I have not heard a thing from Shaw about the equipment or upgrading device since April 2018. Floating under the radar

  3. Dave Clarke says:

    I lost my channels today sept 24 , was told ltss was discontinued and had to upgrade for $25 plus Tax

    • Thanks for the note, Dave. Sorry to hear about your loss of the LTSS. Were you watching when it happened or was there no signal when you turned on your TV? Have you tried calling the automated re-flash number to see if that works? At one point Shaw was offering a $10/month “LTSS Plus” offer for two years to LTSSers. Maybe ask about that if re-flash doesn’t work. Please let us know how it goes. Regards, Steven

  4. harold logue says:

    that sure sucks no tv thanks

  5. Deb Walker says:

    The end of an era yesterday. I lost CBC about a month ago, and as of yesterday all my LTSS channels were gone. So much for November 30th extension. Grudgingly signed up for the Limited TV package at $25.00/mon –
    Oh but you don’t want the next up package for $5.00 more and more channels for only three months then its $40 – and how is that better $25.00 for good? LOL Thank you CRTC – it was great while it lasted.

  6. Eric says:

    No DIRECT TV stations since 13 November 2019. Just went off. Not offering the 10 bucks a month deal for two years either. Went to Telus PIK TV for 10/ month, not working well, lots of buffering problems, frozen images, spinning circle of death.
    I just might have to crawl back to Shaw for 25/month.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss of the LTSS, Eric. Thanks for sharing your Telus PIK TV experience. Are there any monthly data caps for Telus PIK TV? Note that the CRTC requires any Canadian TV provider to offer a $25/month ‘Skinny Basic” package. Best, Steven

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