LTSS Groundhog Days?

Dear Minister Rodriguez,

As noted in my previous post, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2019-267 suggested that Shaw Direct’s LTSS would continue until at least November 30, 2019.

After congratulating the CRTC and Shaw on the move, both replied that in fact the LTSS would end August 31, 2019. The CRTC then doubled-down with a special post on its website.

It’s now September 3 and (last I checked) the LTSS has yet to end. There’s been radio silence from the CRTC and Shaw on the matter.

Are these LTSS Groundhog Days? If so, what are we learning each day about how to regulate our broadcasting system in the digital age?

Please advise,


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59 Responses to LTSS Groundhog Days?

  1. Annette Lyss says:

    I just got my September “Bill” for service up to today. Will see if there is still service tomorrow. It’s my Birthday tomorrow, so that would be a fantastic present to wake up to no TV.

  2. Kevin Gibson says:

    Hi Steven,
    I just want to say thanks for all your time and effort to keep LTSS recipients informed and up to date. I live on Vancouver Island and my service is still up and running. It was mentioned here that there are over 30,000 LTSS recipients. I would find it hard to believe that we all would be cut off without some offer to keep us as paid subscribers. Shaw needs to offer some TV package that compares with the price of Netflix or Crave, which would probably interest me enough to become a paid subscriber.
    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the comment and kudos, Kevin. Glad to hear your LTSS is still up and running! Some LTSSers have received a two year, $10/month “LTSS Plus” offer. Unclear how Shaw Direct has targeted potential LTSS Plus customers. Regards, Steven

    • Rene says:

      I have never received a bill or phone call from anyone from Shaw since I have gotten
      Ltss and have no idea what’s up with it going down pretty in dark with info or contact with shaw…still up and running here in Manitoba

    • Kevin says:

      Lost everything a few days ago. Very poor business practice of Shaw Direct to cut people off without a warning, and no offer of an alternative subscription option. Their regular price packages are not competitive with other TV service providers. There are other web based options such as Telus Pik TV for $5 if you bundle it with a Telus internet service. The drawback with this option is the video format is Adobe Flash, and your internet connection needs sufficient bandwidth for the video to play smoothly. Some Telus service areas only offer a maximum of 6Mbps download speed, which is barely sufficient for a HD version of Flash content. The good news is that web based Flash video will be discontinued at the end of 2020, and the new format that will be adopted allows for a far better web video playback experience.

  4. Dee says:

    Mine still works, too. Lost the Knowledge network & Shopping Channel this year; gained Aboriginal tv which has fantastic movies on the weekends.

  5. Glad to hear, Dee! I gather APTN is available in HD? Regards, Steven

  6. Anhlyss says:

    Lost CBC a few days ago during a storm. It hasn’t come back yet, and I don’t want to ask Shaw about it in case they cancel the rest.

  7. Rene says:

    Sept 29 2019 update:
    Lost cbc wpg and knowledge network this weekend

  8. Diane says:

    I’ve lost all but one channel. I was just on the phone with Shaw and they say the LTSS has ended.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Diane. I advise trying to reflash your receiver via the automated phone system. Regards, Steven

  10. Rene says:

    Oct.24 2019
    Contacted shaw to see what’s going on and they had no idea
    But I could get Manitoba locals only no other channels for $8.00 a month
    And they couldn’t give an actual answer if it will stay that price or go up after a period of time
    I passed on the deal not paying for channels that others can get by roof antenna for free
    Still have ctv global citytv aptn and This frame channels still working

    • Thanks for the update Rene. I’m very interested in the “Manitoba Locals” package for LTSSers! Is that what Shaw called it? What terms related to the Manitoba Locals package did they share? Best, Steven

      • Rene says:

        They didn’t have a name for it
        I just asked what my alternative for ltss was
        They said just your manitoba local channels are available
        The channels are CBC citytv global ctv tsc aptn a French channel
        It was only 7 to 8 channels they where offering
        Manitoba has very few local channels compared to the rest of the country

      • Thanks, Rene. This is the first I’ve heard of such an offer. Stay in touch! Regards, Steven

  11. Douglas Lochhead says:

    It’s odd but I checked my channels in BC and we have even more than before!

    002 Global
    003 CBC Vancouver
    004 CTV
    005 City TV
    006 CHEK
    005 APTV
    055 APTV
    333 CBC North
    389 CTV 2

  12. Dee says:

    I lost all my channels today.

  13. Michael says:

    Live in the West Kootenays, BC lost all my channels yesterday. Wish they had at least left us with CBC.

  14. Anhlyss says:

    I started losing the rest of my channels last week. On Wednesday my Guide showed that I was not subscribed to anything but Frame, which cut in and out. I could still watch the Shaw advertisement channels.

    Tonight my receiver light started flashing, and I was getting a “non-HDCP compliant device” message. It would also not allow me to watch anything I had recorded on PVR (Which I purchased over a year ago with permission from Shaw as long as I deactivated my original receiver). Now it is back to Frame and Shaw, and I can watch recorded shows.

    I think I have to bite the bullet and call them this weekend to see what my options are. I live rurally, and was only able to get service sporadically on the old Analogue system, and only got CTV sometimes with Digital.

    • Sorry to hear, Anhlyss. What did you decide? Please advise, Steven

      • Annette Lyss says:

        My husband purchased an antenna, and set it up. We only get CTV (as before). He wants to get an amplifier, and try that. Have ordered one, and am waiting on delivery.

        My concern is that I no longer have a way to record shows. I purchased the PVR, as my previous DVD recorded stopped working.

        Also – lost the guide yesterday, as the box did a reset. I still have access to my previously recorded shows, though.

        I guess I will wait and see if the antenna gives me all the channels I want. If not, I will have to call Shaw and see what they can do for me. If the antenna works, I will use that, and wait for Shaw to contact me if they want me as a customer.

      • Anhlyss says:

        Tried the antenna – only got CTV. Purchased an amplifier, and lost CTV, and got nothing else. Tried going the online route, but after a month of trying to figure out what shows I missed, and having everything freeze up with my crap internet connection, I called Shaw.

        Got their $25 package. Salesperson said I could cancel anytime, and urged me to take advantage of the Seasonal Disconnect if I was ever going to be away for a minimum of 2 weeks.

        Not happy, but not left with any real choice if I want to keep living where I am.

        The only choice I have out here is Bell (which I refuse to support if there is another choice) or Shaw.

        Will be looking into internet and home phone options over the summer to see if I can save any money there, as we have awful cell service here as well. And in Rural Manitoba we have Bell MTS, and not much else that is even close to fast.

  15. justme says:

    Lost them all in SE SASK. Just another example of being on your own in Western Canada..

  16. Robin Anderson says:

    Lost Everything today… Northern Ontario


    lost everything about a week ago – southwestern ontario

  18. Data Less says:

    No Data as of Nov 12. Central Saskatchewan. You’d think a little warning or offer for paid service would have been in order. If this is an introduction to Shaw customer service, not impressive.

  19. rene says:

    Wednesday Nov.13 2019
    Lost all local channels in manitoba this morning only one left is the frame channel

  20. Marie says:

    Lost all today in Halifax. They offered me a 25$ basic package and for 8$ I could add US channels or for another 12$ a month include sports. A year ago they did offer me 10$ a month for 2 years then 25. It had 20 CDN and 5 US channels. But I didn’t think LTSS was going to be left to die so declined their offer. Ugh!

  21. Dee says:

    I got a free month trial of the $25 Shaw plan after I was surprised by losing all my channels and explaining to the salesperson that I expected some notice. However, although I do enjoy it, and the online extended access to CTV and to bluecurve, I expect to cancel and try Telus’ $10 Pik tv next month.

    • Thanks for sharing, Dee. Good work on securing a complimentary month of Skinny Basic access. The $10 Telus Pik sounds good. How does that work? Regards,Steven.

      • Dee says:

        I have telus internet, so they just sent me an email ad offering Pik for $5 a month, now, not $10. It looks like I’ll need an $80 Google box to get what looks like a whole whack of channels to rival Roger’s basic skinny. So, all I can suggest as an answer for you, sorry, is that you go to Telus site and check it out. Maybe I’m missing something?

      • Dee says:

        Correction: Shaw’s Skinny (not Roger’s)

  22. Greg Martin says:

    I just received a bill from Shaw for an “unreturned equipment charge” of $149.99. As the only dealings I have ever had with shaw are the LTSS – they have already been paid for this equipment via taxpayer dollars – I’m pretty shocked by this invoice.

    Is this common among LTSS users?

  23. Thanks for the comment, Greg. Each LTSS subscriber’s first receiver was free of charge and considered the subscriber’s property, according to Shaw Direct’s LTSS application form. Some LTSS subscribers were recently required to upgrade to a new receiver as part of Shaw Direct’s MPEG-4 HD conversion but my understanding was that those receivers were also complimentary and LTSS subscribers only had to pay for the shipping of the new receiver. I don’t know the terms associated with the new receivers. How many receivers have you used since subscribing to the LTSS? Please advise, Steven

    • Greg Martin says:

      I did have to take the second receiver, but that’s all. A total of 2 receivers.

      • If your second LTSS receiver was part of the recent MPEG-4 HD conversion, my understanding is that they were complimentary as well (provided you paid the shipping fee which I believe was $13.99 or thereabouts). I advise reviewing any paperwork or emails Shaw sent you about the new receiver, how to obtain it and the terms. Let me know how it goes. Regards, Steven

      • Anhlyss says:

        A few years ago, my receiver stopped working.  They sent me a new one, but I was told I would have to return the old one to them or be charged a no return fee.  But the included instructions and a return label in the box with the new one. 

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  24. Doug says:

    Lost all channels except for The Frame here in southern Ontario…. not sure how long I can watch a fireplace….

  25. Alicia says:

    I’m in rural Nova Scotia and lost my channels a couple of weeks ago. I can get CTV and Global via antenna with a better quality picture but unfortunately lost CBC and CTV2, but will only really miss the CBC access.

    I will never deal with Shaw for anything in the future. I think they are a bunch of crooks. I feel abandoned by the CBC too.

    Months ago when offered a package by Shaw it was only for the same 4 basic channels but in different time zones. They tell you they are offering a lot more channels but it’s only the 4 basic time shifted which is bogus.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss of the LTSS, Alicia. Glad you can still get some OTA TV signals. Are they digital or analogue? In terms of CBC Television, is your internet such that you can stream live CBC TV broadcasts via their new no fee Gem platform? I’m interested in hearing more about the four channel package Shaw Direct offered you. Please advise, Steven

  26. Alicia says:

    The OTA channels are digital from St John, NB. At the moment our internet is very poor quality which makes streaming iffy at times, plus cap limits for other than basic surfing make it an expensive option. I think the channels they offered me was the basic $25 a month option they offer on their website. That would only give me back the channels they have taken away, but I already get two of those for free anyways. If CBC had put a digital transmitter or repeater in St. John after they pulled their analog signals I would not have needed the LTSS. It really costs Shaw nothing to continue to let us use what they gave us with the LTSS but I think they hoped some of us would cave and pay for it once they blocked us. I’m not happy with Shaw, the CRTC or CBC at the moment.

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