Roger and Out (Good Buddy)

Dear Minister Guilbeault,

Congrats on your new appointment.

As you may know, Shaw Direct commenced the shutdown of its wildly successful no fee Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program starting ~ November 5. By Shaw Direct’s ledger this represented more than nine weeks of bonus Groundhog Day TV for LTSS subscribers.

My hunch is that many Canadian households always knew it was a limited time offer but they took it anyway after Canada botched its 2011 digital television transition. As Graham Longford noted in 2008, spectrum matters.

According to a Twitter DM reply from Shaw Direct, the company’s target is to complete the LTSS shutdown by early December 2019.

Once settled into your new digs, if you’re able to please reach out to J.R. Shaw and see how your government might not only help to maintain but enhance television access to tens of thousands of LTSSers it would be greatly appreciated.



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2 Responses to Roger and Out (Good Buddy)

  1. 1yves1 says:

    We’ll said. Why is it that in the U.S., local stations and networks managed to multiply their offerings over the air by taking advantage of the features available through digital signals while in Canada, the only solution was to do conversions in large cities and abandon most other transmitters. Yes, LTSS provided temporary respite for viewers outside large urban centers by not obliging them to subscribe to pricey cable or satellite plans just to get local news and information. We need to look at broadcast TV again in Canada to allow the maximum of citizens to receive over the air signals or in an equivalent form such as an ongoing local television solution.

  2. Eric says:

    March 20, 2020

    Crtc sold out free tv to the greed and “need”to digitalize signals.

    And of course why not eliminate our rabbit ears while your at it, to ensure corporate wealth and plead ignorance.

    The LTSS program had an expirely !

    A pandemic surfaced Dec 31st, 2020 in China.

    I heard nothing about this as I cannot afford these outragous digital monthly fees, which you have allowed.

    And now we find out there is a world wide pandemic!


    You put my family and Canada at major life threatening risk.

    Are rural and low income, and those not wanting to pay $110/ month for crap Canadian funded/made content (Canadian tax dollars). Why are Canadians not worthy of free Canadian broadcasting, children’s knowledge network, most importantly news! as well as affordable internet for adult’s, children’s education and news?

    Why were corporations not told to keep analog as a condition to digitalize?

    You imposed LTSS didn’t you?

    Shame on you Canada and especially you “canadians”, at crtc, we’re sure you don’t feel this!

    Give up some more fairness and of course ensure your own paycheques keep rolling in over seeing greed.

    And please allow corporations to continue to gouge rural canadians even more than urban Canadians as corporations and businesses don’t see a big enough profit to put in the infrastructure to hook us up.

    What equal rights.


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