Broadcasting Act

A handy link to the Act. Read it and understand that you own Canada’s broadcast system (well, if you’re Canadian at least).

2 Responses to Broadcasting Act

  1. Grant Freeman says:

    Dear Mr. Moore: I understand that I will lose my analog transmission for the 2 stations that I receive OTA from the local repeater CBUAT-3 in Fruitvale on July 31st, 2012. Besides CBC, the other station I will lose is Global BC. The areas adjacent to me which include Trail, Salmo, Castlegar and Rossland which have a combined population of 44,794 will also lose their over OTA transmission.

    While other people in these community may already subscribe to a cable company and receive these channels, I live 10 km, outside of Fruitvale which is well beyond the Shaw cable’s area of service. Although I already have a satellite connection to receive internet which costs me $59.95/month. I do not wish to pay Shaw or Telus another $30.00 – $40.00/month to watch the only two stations that I watch on a daily basis. I would be willing, if the option were available, to buy a digital converter box to pick up a digital signal from the air, but it is my understanding that no such option will exist in my area after July 31st, 2012.
    If this is the case, will the minister, either restore some funding to the CBC to make this transition to digital fair for all Canadians or failing that, create a satellite system that allows rural areas to receive local regional programming at a nominal cost? (I understand that Shaw has been required to do so in some jurisdictions under the LTSS, but my community does not appear on their list)

    In closing Mr Moore, I implore you to maintain the service of CBC TV to all areas as was the originally intention of the Objects of the Broadcasting Act namely: (b) takes into account regional needs and concerns;

    (c) is readily adaptable to scientific and technological change;

    (d) facilitates the provision of broadcasting to Canadians;

    (e) facilitates the provision of Canadian programs to Canadians

    Thank you for your attention for my concerns.

    Your truly,
    Grant Freeman
    Ross Spur B.C.

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