Click here for Canadian Heritage’s DTV transition site.

1 Response to DTV2011

  1. ok I know I am a tech nerd and really uneducated about the whole free to air tv but I gotta say ‘it rocks”
    I knew this change was coming so about 8 months ago I needed a new tv anyway so I used my tax return and got a new hd tv/ The local store sold me an outdoor digital antenna for $16 and the arm to mount it for $5. once connected I did a scan and immediately picked up 22 digital channels and maybe 30 analog…blew my mind, all those american networks I lost a few yrs back where back…along with a few extras thrown in. All I can say is hurry up August 31 as I have been rescanning my channels for new additions every so often and I keep finding more and more, AT present the only channel I watch in anolog is tvo and for some reason global (41 I very rarely get the digital version on 41.1) but even if I loose global altogether after the transition idk cause free to air tv rocks

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