PhD Research

CBC last day. Burmis AB channel 47. Credit: #DTV2011 Army

July 2017

My dissertation is available here: The End(s) of Analogue: Access to CBC/Radio-Canada Television Programming in an Era of Digital Delivery. Thank you to all involved!

November 2012

Thank you to all the over-the-air CBC Television/Télévision de Radio-Canada viewers who contacted me regarding my research. I’m now in the process of transcribing the more than 100 interviews conducted.




4 Responses to PhD Research

  1. Nelly Cavasin says:

    Our family has not had cable in over twenty years. BCTV (now Global) and CBC we found, over time, were enough. Now, however, we have lost our CBC and it is missed. Of the two, it was the preferred channel. We bought a small digital TV and digital antenna only to discover there is no CBC available. Further reading tells us that we will now need to contact and order through Shaw the free Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program. Hmm, I’ve always disliked the look of a satellite dish hanging off the side of a house and don’t have much positive to say about Shaw (a long story and why we chose not to have cable). Add dial-up only internet service via Telus, because we won’t pay exorbitant costs for a G-card, makes us very happy that we love to read. Thankfully, there’s CBC radio. Perhaps what we’ve heard is true; “there’s nothing like the good ol’ days”. Picture us sitting in our chairs, books on lap, tuned in to the radio.

  2. Chris Mecham says:

    Canadians get local satellite service for free? And we have to fight to keep OTA public programming? What kind of heaven is Canada?

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. The LTSS program is a limited time offer from a satellite provider (Shaw) as per their purchase of a TV broadcaster (GlobalTV) that was approved by Canada’s broadcast regulator (CRTC). Check out the LTSS page on this blog for more info. All the best with your march! Steven

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