OTA TV Viewers in Ontario

  • Arlene Clement (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ed McCaig (Roblin, Ontario)
  • Lynne Kobus (Renfrew, Ontario)

3 Responses to Video

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  2. Jamie Sturgeon says:

    These are fantastic, thanks. Just flipped an email to you, Steven. Wondering if we can chat at some point soon-ish. Cheers.

  3. Samuel Adams says:

    The modernization of over the air (OTA) analogue transition to digital is STUNNING, crisp, blu ray quality! I live in Winnipeg and a simple pair of rabbit ears and a 1 year old Plasma TV and it is already picking up Global (which switched months ago). I can barely wait to see the other 5 channels in Winnipeg transition in August. If a person has a regular analogue TV with a converter box, they will discover that the signal strength is improve significantly.

    I have a problem with the argument ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ First of all, modern televisions capabilities are far superior to analogue, and this modernization of the signal will bring a television signal capable of maxing out the capabilities of the highest end television sets. Secondly, it IS broken: Old analogue broadcast takes up a huge amount of space on the spectrum compared to digital, and this will allow newly freed up spectrum to be sold off to new companies and be used for new things.

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