Beam image via Shaw Direct.

Beam image via Shaw Direct.

Update: Shaw’s new deadline to apply to the LTSS is August 31, 2014.

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(Source of original image of “Beam”: Shaw Direct)

December 5, 2013 Update: Shaw has received permission from the CRTC to extend the LTSS application period for a fourth year. This means the new deadline is November 30, 2014. The Commission has stated this will be the last year to apply.


(Source of original image of “Beam”: Shaw Direct)

2013 Update: Shaw received permission from the CRTC to extend the LTSS application period for a third year. This means the new deadline is November 30, 2013. I don’t see the Commission giving them a fourth year (though I’m not against it) so submit your application (not by Gmail) soon!

“If you haven’t been a cable or satellite customer in the last 90 days and live in or near one of the cities listed below, you may be eligible for our Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program*. This program will allow you to continue receiving the same or similar Canadian over-the-air channels you’ve always enjoyed courtesy of Shaw Direct. Please call one of our service representatives before November 30, 2012 at 1.888.782.7602 to see if you qualify.”

Barrie Foymount London Saguenay Truro
Burmis Fredericton Moncton Saint John Vancouver
Calgary Halifax Montreal Sarnia-Oil Springs Victoria
Charlottetown Hamilton Ottawa Saskatoon Winnipeg
Chatham Kitchener Quebec City Sherbrooke Windsor
Digby Lac-Etchemin Quebec St. John’s
Edmonton Lethbridge Riviere-du-loup Thunder Bay
Forestburg Lloydminster Rouyn-Noranda Trois-Rivieres

*Offer subject to change.


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  1. Patrice Remy says:

    Please note that programming is free for only 5 years (not indefinitely like most people think).
    Therefore, in 5 years from now, you won’t have free CBC anymore, unless there’s a OTA digital transmitter in your area.

    • Thanks for the comment, Patrice. This is the first I’ve heard that LTSS service is only for 5 years. This information isn’t in any of the paperwork from Shaw. I’ll look into this.

      • Jim says:

        I just received a call from Shaw regarding my free LTSS service. Today is December 7th 2018. They said the service terminates in August of 2019 due to the government contract is coming to an end. In our conversation he offered me 60 channels instead of the 12 I get now, and 24 months at $10 per month, I told him I would think about it, he then offered one month free. He then emailed me the offer. IN the written offer, there was no mention of my free service was ending or that the new package included 60 channels. There was also one sentence that seemed to imply that the free service was NOT ending ” Please note that upon accepting this exclusive offer, you will not be able to revert to the LTSS package you are currently on.”

      • Thanks for the comment, Jim. Did you happen to record the phone call? The CRTC will decide if Shaw Direct’s LTSS continues past Aug 31, 2019, not Shaw. There will be an opportunity for Canadians to intervene as part of Shaw Direct’s DTH (officially, Star Choice Television Network Incorporated) CRTC licence renewal. Follow Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2018-197 at to see when the file is open for comment. Regards, Steven

      • Hi, Jim. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link named after Shaw Direct’s original name, “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

      • Yves says:

        Unfortunately, Canadian consumer laws are quite weak and you may be getting a call from a contracted marketer. They are trained to give out a misleading pitch that is really designed to get LTSS subscribers moved over to a pay service with a 2 year discount. Once that expires, you are stuck with what the big boys charge for regular service. Not the call centre employees’ fault. Shaw will disavow such calls and the contracted company will claim they properly trained their caller.

        Glad you checked here. Once we get notice of the CRTC license review, it will be incumbent on the LTSS subscribers that are left to make a case of why LTSS should continue. When Shaw bought Global, shut down transmitters and achieved cost savings, LTSS was offered as a way to get OTA people Canadian TV, especially in the light when so many transmitters of all networks went off air during the mandated transition to digital. There are no more on air stations in Canada now unless one lives near the US border where a lot of sub-channels appeared and new networks started up. Canadians living far from major urban centres have definitely been left out in the cold.

    • Hi Patrice. Just called Shaw and the person I spoke with said he hasn’t been advised of any 5 year limited on LTSS service. As noted in the LTSS application, viewers do have to pay to replace any broken receivers after 90 days.

    • Phyllis says:

      Hi, I don’t know if this site is still “active” but a week and a half ago I applied, received my receiver by Purulator 3 days ago and have for an install next week. I have also ordered Shaw’s internet pkg for $30/month. Will getting internet jeopardize the LTSS hookup if it’s done first?

      • Hi Phyllis. Thanks for the comment. This site is still active! 🙂 I don’t know the answer to your question but it’s one that I’ve wondered also. My sense is that no, paying Shaw for Internet service shouldn’t affect your Shaw LTSS TV eligibility. Is the Internet via Shaw’s partnership with Xplornet? Let us know how the LTSS install and service goes. Steven

      • Hi, Phyllis. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

    • Hi, Patrice. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  2. Frank says:

    I live in area p8n3g2 Dryden Ontario. We are about 1000 to about 1200 miles (1600k to1900k) north weast of all the TV stations chosen for Us. LTSS means Local Tv Sations, does it not? We are only 200 (320k) from Winnipeg. All our weather comes from the west and We get the weather about 2 days before the east. For safety sake it would be nice to know what weather is comeing.

    • Deb Stevens says:

      The “local” means nothing, unfortunately. We got the LTSS at our cottage, which is in Renfrew County; closest city: Ottawa, channels we get: Toronto.
      My cousin visited a friend in southern Ontario – I believe in Port Hope – and that person got channels from, you guessed it, Ottawa. Shaw is not providing local channels, but it’s better than nothing.

      • Jamie says:

        LTSS means Long Term Sattelite Solution. I called shaw on the issue, baiscally I got the “what you get is what you get” speach. Then of course they are more than happy to upsell me into a paying package. Also they say if I dont like it, then I can go back to my old free plan.

        I then explained to them that to meet the criteria, I have to be a non-paying customer to ANY paid television for 90 days before qualifying, and since this is the last year they are providing free TV, I would not qualify before the year end cut off.

        Between a $6.99 Netflix account, streaming internet & basic free TV, Ill live with “what i get”!

      • LTSS stands for Local Television Satellite Solution.

    • Hi, Frank. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  3. roger says:

    i just talked to shaw. they said the gov. is footing most of the bill. they will only comitt 5 yrs. but it could be longer. plus you own the equipment outright. so enjoy. i just lost another channel.down to 2 channels! they are receiving 1500 orders per day across Canada.

  4. Jess says:

    I just ordered my LTSS from Shaw, though I don’t live in one of the cities listed above.

  5. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the info about LTSS – I only learned about it today from your website. I thought I had missed the Nov 30/2012 deadline, but I gave Shaw a call anyway. Your readers might like to know that the LTSS programme has been extended (sorry, I did not ask about the new deadline).

  6. Kevin says:

    My LTSS process is complete. Shaw came to my home yesterday and installed the equipment. I have 10 channels which provides all the TV programming I need.

  7. Robin says:

    I have received the receiver but no dish…I live very rural, no telephone lines here….whats my next step in getting hooked up. I also do not live near any of the cities listed…we live 40KM north of grand forks bc in the kootenays

    • Hi Robin,

      Glad you have the receiver. The next step is to let Shaw know you have it. How did you first contact them? Can you get to a pay phone? Maybe get a friend or family member to call for you? Once you let them know you have the receiver they will arrange for the install. Are you reading this Shaw? Does this count? Please hook Robin up with some TV. Best, Steven

      • Robin says:

        Will they bring the dish to me then…I phoned months ago about getting hooked up,,I can call them when i am in town sometime. I did call once and they want $100.00 to come and hook it up, is this the normal going rate…why can we hook it up ourselves anyways, and then call for them to initialize it for us…thanks for your reply

      • No, there is no fee for the LTSS program. Shaw has to hook it up and it is a free hook up.

  8. Robin says:

    They say they wont come without the $100.00 fee….I will call again when Im in town…ours is a different situation for sure living 40KM from the nearest town…

    • It doesn’t matter if you are 4000 km from the nearest town. It is free. If anyone asks for money, call Shaw directly.

      • Robin says:

        thank you, will do….appreciate your wisdom

      • Yves says:

        I called Shaw after the installer failed to show up on the appointed date. Shaw got he installer to phone me directly and he said he wasn’t in my area that day and that there was a $60 installation charge (plus tax?) that was not covered by LTSS. He told me that he would notify me what day I should be there. I had no choice in the matter. When I phoned Shaw back, they said he was an independent installer and could charge a travel fee when the customer is not in an urban area. Needles to say, I did not follow through with the installation. Why can’t they just give me the dish and cables to finish the installation myself?

  9. Lor says:

    I’m happy with my LTSS except that now I can’t use my DVRs unless I only record on channel – the one to which the cable box is tuned to. Does anybody know how much Shaw would charge for one of their DVRs? I don’t even know if I could afford the installation charge if I got one. I did not anticipate this problem. I wish the CRTC had addressed this, too.

  10. Elizabeth Dornbush says:

    When your reciver breaks down….and it will, these are reconditionned units, Shaw will only provide over the phone assistance. After that, you’re on your own. After almost three hours on the phone with a technician we had to insist on speaking to a supervisor, the do a lot of waiting to get the name of the local company who will service (read replace) the receiver….at our cost!

  11. Aba says:

    I’m in Cobourg Ontario. I have a starchoice dish already in place. I received the receiver today for the LTSS, but it doesn’t seem to acquire a signal. Any suggestions?

  12. franjan says:

    If your reconditioned receiver dies after 3 months and the Shaw technician, after trying to help by by phone says you will need to get it repaired at your own cost , what do you do? How much do the repairs cost? Seems a rip off!!

    • Hi franjan. Sorry to hear about the receiver box. It’s unfortunate that #Shaw distributes used satellite receiver boxes to new #LTSS subscribers to begin with but it states in the LTSS agreement that subscribers have to cover any hardware costs after 90 days. If they instead gave LTSS subscribers new boxes to start with then viewers would likely a number of years out of them instead of months. Did Shaw say how much a replacement box might be? Can you just buy another used one from them for a discounted price? Even if you end up having to buy a new box it’s likely still the most affordable way to watch live TV in Canada (other than OTA, of course). Let us know how it goes. Best, Steven

    • Hi,franjan. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  13. Ev says:

    On average, how long does it take to hear back or get your kit? I sent in my completed form via email on September 4th and 3 weeks later, still no word. I even called them 2 weeks ago to confirm they received my form but they said they had no record, so they had me re-email the form directly to them and the employee forwarded off directly. Still…no word. I don’t want to annoy them and keep contacting to find out what’s going on.

  14. FrankontheIsland says:

    I sent mine form in on September 8th. I called them today and they said it was shipped out yesterday September 24th

  15. Kevin McKee says:

    Hi there, I live in Harriston, ON, and called twice to request the LTSS declaration form – and twice they sent me an email with the cover letter but no form – only a blank page. I called again and asked them to send me the form by mail, and within days received the same cover letter and a blank piece of paper (literally!) in the mail. I called a fourth time and talked to customer care, and she took all my information and assured me that she had started the process for me. I asked if I actually needed a copy of this LTSS form and needed to sign it – she seemed unsure, but said she had sent me an email with the information i needed, and that I could sign what she sent and return it if I wanted. I checked my email, and it was an identical email to the first two I received! (cover letter, blank page). So here is what I’m wondering:

    1) Do I actually have to complete and sign the form or not? And if so….
    2) Why can I not get them to actually send me the form?

    I am trying to figure out whether Shaw has actually started this process for me or not….


  16. Don Dunsmore says:

    Here’s my story….my place is 20 miles south of Tobermory, Ontario. My neighbour had an installer show up at her place and I got to hear her Shaw experience and ask the installer a lot of questions. Followed up on there suggestions and applied for the LTSS program. Was approved. Waited a month and a re furbished receiver arrived. Phoned Shaw and got an install date. My TV/Stereo cabinet angles across, so one side is very narrow….13″. The Shaw receiver is over 15”, so it wouldn’t fit in the cabinet. Called Shaw….you can buy your own smaller one brand new….on sale at Best Buy for $60. I did. Installer came out and brought the Dish with him and hooked it all up. Worked great. Went away for a couple weeks, came back to no TV programs. Screen memo says something about “now acquiring Satellite signal….please wait. ” Called Shaw up and was faced with at least a 45 minute wait…can’t do that on a neighbours phone…I don’t have phone service up there. Came to London and Called Shaw up….20 minute wait. Tech says do this…do that to the receiver…..can’t….I’m not up there. So, he flashes my receiver and tells me to go back north and see if the problem is rectified. What do I do if I still don’t have service?

    • Hi Don. Unfortunately, having to call Shaw to “re-flash” your sat dish is common. How far is the closest payphone to your place outside Tobermory? Best, Steven

      • Don Dunsmore says:

        Thanks for the reply Steven…I’d have to drive the 20k into Tobomory to use a pay Phone I think…I’ll look around next week when I’m up there. Not sure how this Flashing works. The tech asked me what color of lights were on the receiver. I didn’t know because I wasn’t there. I do have a red led showing stand by power and a green led when the thing is turned on. Does the receiver have to be turned on when it’s flashed? I’ll be at my place up north tomorrow, so I’ll see what the recent flash did for me. Will let you know. Don

      • Here are my dad’s notes regarding steps to flash a Shaw dish (note that it’s an automated phone service and you don’t actually speak to a person): 1) Call 1-888-554-7827. 2) The recording will say “To refresh your box, press 3”, so press 3. 3) Recording will ask “are you calling from your home phone?”, to which my dad would select yes. I guess you would say no? I would try once with no and then again with yes. 4) The recording then says the box will “automatically refresh in up to 15 minutes”. Hopefully this works. I don’t think it matters if the box is on or off for flashing. Solid green light means working OK on the box my dad has. Just in case, I would call Shaw to flash your box before each and every trip up to your place. Please report back to let us know how it worked out. Steven

    • Shaw Direct says:

      Hi Don. Do you have email access from home? If so, we can figure things out if you email us at shawdirectonlinesupport[at] *rg

    • Don Dunsmore says:

      A bit of a rant and a question… back to our summer place and turned on the LTSS system. Still no signal. Decided to install a new 4×4″ post and move the dish to a better position. Mounted the dish in the same position the original installer used….checked the co-ordinates on the back of my neighbours dish….which works for over a year now….and my coordinates match. A knowledgable fellow showed me how to tune in the signal using the tuning bar under settings. Turned the dish a few degrees horizontally and bingo….got a 94 on the tuning bar. Had the receiver flashed and finally got a picture back. Every thing worked well for 10 days. On a perfectly still afternoon, the signal was lost again. Tried moving the dish horizontally over a fair range, but could not get the signal back. Now I’m wondering if the vertical adjustment is out.

      Question….if I use a compass, does anyone know the coordinates for the Shaw Direct dish?

      Also….Shaw called me up one day and offered me the extra HD channels for $14.95 a month….with one month free. No contract. So I took the deal and the HD pictures are a big improvement over the free offerings. Was just getting used to the new channels when the screen went blank. I’ll be cancelling if things don’t improve. Thanks for listening. Don

      • Hi Don. Thanks for the detailed note/rant. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Shaw Direct sometimes comments on this blog so hopefully they can advise. Regarding the Shaw satellite dish used for LTSS, I’ve heard it’s due south and close to the horizon. Terrain could be an issue. Steven

  17. Don says:

    Thanks rg..tried the phone to get a flash…didn’t work. Sent an email as you suggested. Will see what comes of it. Probably need a tech to check the dish. Thanks for your help. Don

    • Don Dunsmore says:

      Hi Steven….Your Dad’s notes on the refresh are basically correct. However, rg from Shaw online support emailed me regarding the receiver stating that the receiver had to be ON for the refresh/flash to work. Good to know. Don

      • Don Dunsmore says:

        Just a follow up…we closed up our summer place before the issues with the LTSS service could be restored. However, Shaw Direct called me from Calgary stating that they would put a note on my file extending warranty coverage till next spring when we can get back to solving the problem. Good customer service!

  18. Casey says:

    Thanks for all the info, didn’t know anything about LTSS until I accidentally fount this site when searching on Google.. I got my receiver, the current HD model. Before my dish was installed I got a phone call with the offer for something like 80 channels, including HD for $13.95 per months for 2 years. There are no strings, I can go back to LTSS at any time. From what I was told, this offer is available to anyone on the LTSS only package.


    • Glad the site was of use, Casey. Thanks for sharing the information that Shaw advised you that it is possible to return to the no fee LTSS after paying for Shaw Direct for a finite period.

      • Casey says:

        An update on the offer of additional channels.. It ended up being $9.95 per month plus tax. The $13.95 I mentioned before the 1st month plus part of the previous month. Everything has worked great.. lots of channels and previews.


  19. Carmen says:

    Can someone tell me what channels I can receive with this service in the Vancouver area?

    Thank you


  20. donna says:

    We have had Shaw for over a yr. and we are pleased with it. customer service has been great. We live in rural Mb. so this is really our only option.

  21. Shawn says:

    I called Shaw today and was told it was not too late to apply for the program…. have sent on an e-mail application and hope that it gets approved.

  22. curt Strabac says:

    Between bobcaygeon and buckhorn Ontario. Qualify?

  23. Anna says:

    We signed my grandparents up for the LTSS program, and were advised that depending on how rural we were and how far an installer had to travel there could be a travel charge to install (but we’re not that rural and it won’t actually be a problem), we were also advised by the agent in the LTSS program department that it is currently a 5-year program. I am glad to have learned (from the comments on this post) that my grandparents own the receiver and the dish, as that can be quite an expensive upfront cost (and why I personally have chosen cable over satellite)

    • Anna says:

      Oh and we found out about the program on CBC-Sudbury! Thanks to whoever called in and told them about it + the phone number that they are not happy to have public 😉

    • Hi Anna. Thanks for the note. Glad to hear that the comments on this blog where helpful. That’s so nice that you signed up your grandparents! How did it go with the install? Your grandparents shouldn’t have been required to pay any money for any aspect of the LTSS install (or TV service). I’m surprised the Shaw agent said the LTSS is only for 5 years. It does not mention anything about 5 years on their sign-up literature. My understanding is that there is no expiry date.

  24. Nancy says:

    I live in rural Cranbrook, BC. Just found out about LTSS. Called Shaw, and she is sending me an application form. I’m nowhere near any of the cities listed. What are the chance we’ll be approved??

    She said they take my form, then submit it to the gov, then I find out if we qualify. She also said that they would send all the hardware but I would have to install it myself because they make no profit from it. Is this true that they won’t install for free (I’m hearing otherwise)??

    She also told me about their $14.99 offer to LTSS applicants for Digital Lite package. She “said” this deal has no expiry, and that we could upgrade to any other packages at their face value. Basically it’s a $36 package for $15, and no contract, and free installation and hardware (actually pretty good deal). Anyone have any experience with this? Have they found that the no expiry actually expires and they can increase fees at their discretion?

    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for the detailed comment. That’s the wildest thing I’ve ever heard a Shaw rep say about the LTSS program. Shaw does not send your form to the government for approval. Shaw does the approving. You are to pay $0 for ALL aspects of the LTSS. You don’t have to install the dish. Shaw arranges and pays for the dish to be installed (after you contact them to confirm you have the receiver box they will courier to you via Purolator). Shaw has expanded packages for a fee but that’s not the no-fee LTSS. Shaw is silent about the term of LTSS subscriptions but I figure a court of law would rule the term to be forever or perhaps the life of the company. Let us know how the install goes! Best, Steven

      • Casey says:


        1) – In some areas Shaw sends the receiver by Canada Post.. That was the way mine came, maybe because we’re not in a big city..

        2) – Several of us in our area now have the deal on Digital Lite. It was $9.95 plus tax. The amount the tell you for the first month can be higher, depending on what day of the month you sign up, the first billing could be for more that one month.


    • Don Dunsmore says:

      Hi Nancy…..I’d call Shaw back and ask again about the LTSS program. You’ll probably get a different Rep. When I called in, the Rep just asked for my postal code and immediately verified I was qualified. They then send out the form, you fill it in and send it back to Shaw. Awhile later you get a receiver delivered to you and then you set up an install date. All is free with some basic programming.

    • Hi, Nancy. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  25. Jamie says:

    I live close to the London area, but I don’t get the local London channel. There are other “CTV” channels I get, but not my local one. How can I get shaw to add that to the channels i get? I really would like to know what the local weather is, not someone else’s 300km away!

    Also, how do I get a replacement or second reciever from shaw? Is there any costs for getting a new one?

    • Try asking Shaw about receiving a CTV station closer to you. In my experience they won’t switch LTSS viewers to more local stations unless you pay (which seems wrong to me). My understanding is that LTSSers only get one free receiver as part of the program.

      • Jamie says:

        Well i had called shaw about my local channel, and they baisically said whatever you get is what you get. I live near London, so when i watch the 11pm news and want the local weather i have to watch the Hamilton, Toronto, or Barrie news 😦

        PS they want $200 + shipping for a replacement receiver… take care of the free one you have!

  26. christa says:

    can anyone tell me how to get the LTSS application , or how i start the process to get one

  27. Mike says:

    I talked to two Shaw reps, a customer service rep and something called “field services,” about LTSS in the Stratford, Ont., area today. The customer service rep told me it was a government program that could take up to six months to approve. When I questioned that, he repeated it was a government program and not Shaw’s. Both he and the field services rep also told me that only five channels would be on offer and that I would have no choice in what those five channels would be. Unless, of course, I buy one of their Shaw Direct packages, which doesn’t interest me at all. I’ve been getting about 10 channels over-the-air with my cheap Radio Shack aerial for about 35 years. The one channel I can no longer get is CBC, after the CBC stopped over-the-air broadcasting from its London transmitter after the switch to digital. I’m not convinced I was getting the truth from these two reps, but I’m definitely not interested in this limited deal. Comments?

    • Hi Mike. Sorry to hear about your encounter with more than one misinformed Shaw rep. Shaw runs the LTSS, not the government. It should only take them a day or two to review and send you an application form to sign, not 6 months. As others have noted on this blog, just keep calling Shaw back until you reach someone who knows what they are doing. If they give you a hard time about the LTSS, hang up and call again. Repeat as required. Let us know how it goes! Steven

  28. Yves Marchand says:

    Keep phoning until you get someone who actually knows about LTSS. Don’t accept the answers you were given. LTSS is indeed a Shaw program and a condition by which they were able to buy Global network. They will e-mail you a form to fill out which you can return by mail. It should take no longer than three weeks for the request to be approved and a receiver to be sent to you.

    The ones you were talking to are probably on commission and get a cut when they convince you to go with a paid package.

    You will get eleven or so channels in the Stratford area. This is the same for all residents of Ontario, regardless of location.

  29. Don Dunsmore says:

    Mike….Steven is right on….call back…..they’ll want your postal code and if you qualify, A form is mailed out to you in a few days….which you fill in and return. Then you get a receiver and set up an install date. You will be limited in the number of free stations you get and will probably have no choice in picking them.. CBC will be one of them

  30. Mike says:

    Thanks for your replies. I know you’re right — a neighbor of mine got LTSS within a couple of weeks with no hassles from Shaw (although Shaw subsequently persuaded him to buy into a better package). But I have to ask why Shaw employs these dodgy reps to give misleading answers to inquiries about LTSS. In other words, why should I trust Shaw to do anything at all?

  31. Art says:

    ART says
    I live in new brunswick and I got the same “runaround” when I applied for LTSS . I was told that it would take six weeks to be approved, after four weeks still no form , called again, three weeks no form, called again and was told that is a govt program and not recommended. I asked to speak with a service rep, she took my info and within a week got my receiver. The following week an installer came and did the connection. But no local coverage, I live in N.B. and get N.S. coverage.

    • Hi, Art. Thanks for the note. Glad to hear you were able to finally receive LTSS service from Shaw. That sucks that you no longer receive local TV stations. What specific NB stations did you lose access to? Best, Steven

  32. Art says:

    Hi, local CBC and Global.

  33. Yves Marchand says:

    Rabbit ears work just fine for the local channels – well, a UHF loop actually. I get my local channels that way in hi definition wide-screen. Of course, my TV does have a built-in digital tuner.

    • Rabbit ears are great if local TV signals are present. Problem is, many areas of Canada no longer have over-the-air reception following the digital television transition. That’s why Shaw’s LTSS is so important.

  34. Yves Marchand says:

    Obviously, my reply was not clear. This is a thread on LTSS. I have LTSS. My LTSS does not carry channels local to my city. I get the local channels using a UHF loop in addition to the LTSS channels. If someone cannot get a channel using a UHF loop, then it is by definition not a local channel.

    • Hi, Yves. Great discussion! I can speak from personal experience that there are Canadian households that lost their over-the-air access to local TV stations as a result of the switch from analogue to digital. The local stations are still there and broadcasting but, for a number of reasons, the local over-the-air TV signal no longer reaches the household in digital (whereas it previously did in analogue). This is actually the main reason why Shaw’s LTSS was approved by the CRTC in 2010 as part of Shaw’s purchase of Global TV: to reconnect Canadians with the local TV stations they previously received over-the-air in analogue but lost as a result of the digital television transition. Curiously, as you’ve noted, LTSS service also provides distant TV stations that viewers never received over-the-air in analogue. I also like your point about how local is local. For example, if a household is 200 km from Ottawa and 400 km from Toronto, which is the local CTV station? Ottawa (CJOH) or Toronto (CFTO)? I would say the Ottawa CTV station is the local station, when compared to the Toronto CTV station. Best, Steven.

  35. Jerrod says:

    Can I use it with my HDTV understanding that it won’t be high def? I want to use an OTA antenna, but I can’t get CBC with that, so can I have both OTA antenna and the LTSS receiver plugged in?

  36. laurie says:

    hi there; i’ve had LTSS since 2012 – It was absolutely free and there was no install or travel fee either – I live an hour south of calgary (about a half -hour drive from the local shaw contractor) Everything’s been working fine, but about two weeks ago I lost CBC and Global….the weird thing is I still have CTV Calgary and Knowledge Network. I will try to follow your instructions to ref lash my receiver, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? and thanks for staying active on this topic – it is really important to me as a rural canadian to have my local television, and I’m sorry, but I can’t (or won’t) pay for television.

  37. Zachary says:

    As to the 5-year limit, I think that relates to the point to which Shaw is licensed to be a carrier [so that is a legal limit to which it can commit]. However, I assume that the CRTC will approve their renewal and so the LTSS service will continue beyond five years.

  38. Lauraine says:

    I just moved into a house with a shaw dish. Apparently, they were receiving a few local stations free. How can I get a receiver and also receive these stations free? I purchased a used PVR but can’t seem to get anything:-(

  39. Steve says:

    When does this programme end? I hear Shaw says it is over but I have read that it is really Nov. 30 th. Does anyone really know?

  40. Donna says:

    Don’t believe them when they say you can go back, they told me I couldn’t because it was ending. Guess i should never have believe them when they told me I could.

    • Did you write the CRTC about it?

      • Donna says:

        I did send an e-mail to CRTC and asked them if what Shaw had told me was true(that I could no longer go back to it as it was ending)..they sent me an answer…they would forward my question to Shaw. REALLY. I had already told them what Shaw said…guess that was a total waste of my time. They also said that maybe I should check on other services that might be more to my liking. I guess we will just take the lowest pkg. available from Shaw in order to get our 3 local stations.

      • Hi, Donna. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link and comment on “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”, not “Shaw Satellite Services Inc.”. Shaw Direct’s LTSS is part of Star Choice Television Network Incorporated: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  41. Martin says:

    If they met their quota by aug31/2014 why did they extend it to nov30/2014. If this is a government plan anybody who meets the proper critera should be allowed to particapte not only the first come basis. I also applied but was told he quote was met.

  42. Wolf says:

    My LTSS was installed 3 weeks ago. Works fine but no “LOCAL” TV station. I live in Nippissing and the closest local staion would be say North Bay or Sudbury. But I get Thunder Bay and Kenora and Toronto all hundreds of kilometers away…….
    Nothing Local
    Now what really irks me, I just received a Bill from Shaw for “accessorie shipping charge, $ 9.99” plus under the heading “Transaction Fees ” Equipment Purchase (03 Oct.14) , “Total Transaction Fees $ 24.99 ”
    Plus GST . Total Current charges $ 39.53
    The Receiver was installed on October 3, 14.
    Needless to say the installer asked for money also (Wanted $ 20.00)
    I was never made aware of that I am responsible for any fees as LTSS was presented to me as FREE service. I am also not aware of signing anything that committed me to pay.
    Can somebody shed some light into this issue Please and give me some advise how to protest this bill.
    My gut feeling is that this is an underhanded approach by shaw to squeeze money from LTSS clients

  43. Sherry says:

    I am so angry..this is just wrong..why was the end date changed??? and why is Clinton,BC allowed to install LTSS for the next 4 days and no one else is allowed??? I was in the CRD instead of the TNRD so they wont install it for me…. one gets it and the other doesn’t …that’s wrong… if its opened up again then all should get it.

    • Hi Sherry. Thank you for the comment. Shaw hit their LTSS subscriber quota prior to Nov 30/14 so they stopped accepting new applications Aug 31/14 (with permission from the CRTC). I hadn’t heard anything about residents of Clinton, BC still being allowed to join the LTSS program. Where did you hear this? Can you post a link to more info? Also, what does CRD and TNRD stand for? Best, Steven.

  44. Sherry says:

    CRD – stands for Cariboo Regional District and TNRD – stands for Thompson Nicola Regional District…I have been in communication with the Clinton TV society as they called me to advise me that they have been granted an extension for 4 days only… when they found I lived in the CRD and not the TNRD they said they cant help me…. if I lived in the TNRD they would be installing my dish …what is going on… I just don’t think this is fair.

    • Thank you for the info. Interesting. To confirm, the Clinton TV Society told you that Shaw has granted them permission to sign up CRD residents to the LTSS within a four day period? Which four days? Thanks! Steven

  45. Sherry says:

    I am not sure but his phone message today said that I would have to get back to him by Wednesday if I wanted to get the LTSS program. The email I got from the Clinton TV Society said that a gentleman would call me for my information and he would be submitting that to Shaw…but when hecalled and found out I was from a different but very close district he said I don’t qualify.

  46. Sherry says:

    They are saying that they have been given permission to sign up TNRD residents to the LTSS program within a 4 day period… I am a CRD resident and therefore they said I don’t qualify.

  47. Sherry says:

    I did call Shaw and spoke to a woman named Dominque..she at first didn’t believe me and left me on hold for a long time then came back and said it probably isn’t Shaw its some other provider… when I spoke to the guy that is collecting names he told me they have been in negotiations with Shaw since August and have just been given the go ahead… I dont think its a scam and if I lived in the right district I would be getting it now.

  48. Sherry says:

    What can we do ??? this isn’t fair !!

  49. Sherry says:

    I sent a complaint to CRTC and to Shaw…. I am waiting to hear from CRTC but Shaw has responded saying they are not offering this program to anyone, which we know is a lie.

  50. Scott M says:

    Hey Folks…

    Just an update… I got called about the $14.99 LTSS upgraded package, and verified that I can go back to LTSS at anytime. The person on the phone said “no”. So I double-checked with a chat agent this morning:

    Madelaine (08:55:08):
    Right now, if you upgrade to the $14.99/month LTSS package, you can no longer go back to the non-pay LTSS package. The program ended and the codes will not be available to put back once we remove it to add the $14.99/month package.

    So there you have it, no going back now if you upgrade to the LTSS $14.99 package. I suspect people who upgraded before the “codes went away” are equally screwed… though I suspect if they complained loudly enough the request would go to the back office and they would have IT revert the service.

    Easy decision for me then…

  51. A. says:

    If you move, you are not able to take the LTSS with you. This is because “the program has expired.” You must then pay for a TV subscription even if you have LTSS currently. I have had LTSS for a couple of years and it’s worked great albeit the lack of “Local” programming. I am upset that I will now have NO options for free TV at my new house (which is in the same area as my old house).

  52. Yves says:

    Just pay to have your equipment moved to your new place if you can’t aim the satellite dish at the new location. The equipment will still work in another location. Just remember to use your old address and phone number f ou have any issues Shaw should be involved in.

  53. Scott M. says:

    Yup, I have no intention whatsoever of informing Shaw that I’ve moved. Instead I’ll just take down the dish and install it myself at the new location.
    We did all know this was going to be too good to be true.

  54. Don Dunsmore says:

    Buy and use a cheap Satellite finder….easy to do.

  55. Erin Macdonald says:

    Do you still offer this LTSS

  56. Tedsky says:

    Correct, they stopped offering it mid-to-late 2014.

    By Dec 31, 2015, Shaw Direct discontinued allowing former LTSS subscribers who had taken the $9.99 or $14.99 LTSS upgrade to revert back to the free LTSS service. We discovered this around Jan 9th, 2016. I have it all documented, including a $49 credit after the reverting to free LTSS, applied to a “Second Home” account.

    If you were able to get a “Second Home” account while on LTSS, you became eligible for half-price service on Digital Lite on the “Second Home” account, even though you have LTSS as a free first account. Nice perk!

    Ted in Niagara Region

  57. Casey Crowe says:

    It’s been several years since I got my LTSS TV. It’s worked fine for all this time. When they offered the $9.95 upgrade package I took it for over a year. Then I cancelled and went with another provider. Later I gave up on the high price cable and when back the LTSS that was still working. I then regretted giving up the special $9.95 Digital Lite package.

    Time marched on and Shaw Direct is now contacting customers offering a Digital Lite package for $20.00 per month. This package will give me HD and unlike the previous offer it is not time limited. They say that this $20 package will stay at the same price.. for ever!

    Basically they tell you that your LTSS will end August 31, 2019. If you do not take this time limited offer the only option you will have for a cheap service will be the $25 lite package that has very few channels, without paying extra. Otherwise, you will no longer have service.

    Taking this offer will make you a regular Shaw Direct customer entitled to things such as:
    Free service calls, seasonal disconnect & no contract.

    Not sure if this will allow, additional receivers or PVRs etc. so I will have some questions yet before deciding to take the offer.

    So this is what I know so far.. Maybe it will be helpful for other who still check this site.

    Casey …

    • Thanks for your detailed LTSS update, Casey. Do you have anything in writing from Shaw about the LTSS ending August 31, 2019? That decision is actually for the CRTC to decide, not Shaw. Please advise, Steven

      • Casey Crowe says:

        I got the initial information in an phone call but was not a good time to talk. I ask for and received the offer by email.

        Main points:

        The LTSS is set to end August of 2019 (no specified day)

        Shaw wants to keep you as a customer and would like to offer you this exclusive limited time deal, only available to LTSS Customers

        – $20.00 a month for an indefinite time period.
        – up to 125 channels in total, 42 HD Channels and 40 stingray radio channels

        In a follow up I confirmed that If you take the deal you become a regular paying customer, with all the same benefits. So you can add channels or receivers etc. No contract,, so you can quit any time but would loose the deal.

      • Hi Casey. Thank you for the important info! Did Shaw Direct give a deadline for you to accept the $20/month deal? Do you need to buy/rent a new converter box? Please advise, Steven.

      • Yves Marchand says:

        Looks like they are offering their “Small TV” package which retails for $70 a month plus fees and taxes, somewhat better than the skinny basic they offered at $10 previously to LTSS subscribers.

        Shaw should be up-front with LTSS subscribers and announce a hard end date so we can go to the CRTC and get the matter cleared up once and for all.

        It makes no sense for Shaw to leave $50 plus fees on the table if indeed the CRTC had intended for LTSS to end. Same goes for the $20 a month offer. It probably comes with a “*” disclaimer that Shaw can change the terms at any time.

      • Have you received similar calls/emails from Shaw about the LTSS ending, Yves? Please advise, Steven

      • Yves Marchand says:

        So far, I have received nothing but the annual statement from Shaw that confirms my LTSS subscription. I never got the $10 offer or the more recent $20 offer which makes me think that the current offer is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get some money from LTSS subscribers.

        What could bring an end to the program for many subscribers is the announced conversion of all satellite signals to MPEG-4 by August of 2019. All customers who got the old StarChoice boxes (not capable of MPEG-4) will indeed lose their service next year. Those who got one of the newer boxes will still get all their channels unless Shaw does indeed terminate the program.

        All this makes me think that Shaw’s marketing department is being somewhat deceptive. It targets those with older boxes with this offer. I got them to activate a newer box (MPEG-4 capable)I had which is probably why I haven’t been targeted with the $20 offer.

      • Thanks, Yves. I now recall your March 24/18 LTSS update as well. That’s a good point about the MPEG-4 conversion and the old StarChoice boxes. My dad lost Ottawa/Gatineau Tele de Radio-Canada years ago because of changes to Shaw’s satellite(s). Do you have more info or a link to the full August 2019 MPEG-4 conversion? Best, Steven

      • Yves Marchand says:

        Hi Steven:

        The intent to convert all channels to MPEG-4 is in the artice “Introduction to the HD network upgrade” at: The article states the conversion is to be complete by 2020. Shaw Direct is doing this to reduce the amount of satellite space it needs to lower its costs.

        The current schedule only goes to 2018: It is likely this conversion could be finished around August of 2019 (fits with their conversion schedule) but lacks a date because the final schedule (for 2019) is not out yet. I suspect the marketing department is jumping on this to convince those with old boxes that LTSS is about to end, whereas more likely, LTSS subscribers are going to have to source a Shaw MPEG-4 capable box by then. All one has to do if one has an unused newer MPEG-4 capable box is to call the call centre and say the old box doesn’t work and could Shaw Direct activate the newer one.

      • Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing this important info, Yves. Will review! Regards, Steven

      • Hi, Casey. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link named after Shaw Direct’s original name, “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

    • Yves Marchand says:

      I have yet to see anything in writing about Shaw discontinuing LTSS. I had seen others comment that Shaw Direct call centre staff told them that Shaw would disconnect LTSS at some 5 year mark, but little else. Big businesses do as they please unless they face bad publicity and a huge public outcry that gets the CRTC involved. My take is that Shaw may very well put LTSS subscribers under pressure to convert to a pay service. If there is sufficient uptake, Shaw will end LTSS given that only a few of the remaining subscribers will make a fuss, not enough to be of concern to them.

  58. Jamie says:

    Has anyone got a letter from Shaw about new TV equipment needed to keep the ltss going. I have the letter in front of me, is there any way to post a photo on this forum

    • Yves Marchand says:

      I don’t have any letter but I have an LNB that can receive signals from both satellites and a box that can decode MPEG-4 compression. I won’t be affected by the coming changes to how Shaw manages its satellite signals.

      The only way to have an image available in this forum is to save the image somewhere and post a link to it in this thread.

  59. Thanks for the note, Jamie. I believe the only way to post a photo is to link to it on another site. Regards, Steven

    • Jamie says:

      This is the only way I know how to post photos online, hopefully I don’t get spammed!!!

      • Yves Marchand says:

        Your privacy settings may not permit anyone to see the image. All I see is a box with the following statement:

        “This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.”

  60. Jamie says:

    I see the same message on my end, I am not sure how to un-block facebook or post my photo any other way? Here is my last ditch posting on kijiji, hope this url works!

    • Jamie says:

      I see the photo quality is terrible, so if you want to read the fine print just reply to my “ad” and I can send a better original picture

      • Yves Marchand says:

        Though grainy, it is readable.

        This letter is the first official correspondence from Shaw Direct announcing a firm end date to LTSS on 31 August 2019.

        The offer of an LTSS Plus for two years may get someone an extra year at a reduced rate but that would be the end of any form of LTSS.

        I wonder if the CRTC was informed of the temporary nature of LTSS.

      • Hi Yves. The LTSS is to be discussed at Shaw Direct’s next licence hearing. The date of that hearing has yet to be announced by the CRTC. The future of the LTSS beyond that hearing is unclear. The CRTC may decide that the LTSS should continue, with or without Shaw. Perhaps Canadian Heritage will step in to help fund it like they did with the CMF. Regards, Steven

    • Hi Jamie. Thank you so much for sharing this important letter about Shaw’s LTSS. What’s your plan? Regards, Steven

      • Jamie says:

        I will call them when I have a chance & see what Shaw says. I feel it is some sort of ploy to lure LTSS members out of the free TV & into a paying plan.

        I noted that the fine print states the cost to ship the upgraded box….. I may just wait & see if in fact I will loose “up to ten channels” after the network upgrade date. Since there is no mention of a penalty for ordering the upgraded box after the network upgrade.

        I’ll keep in touch. Ps, love this forum. I have followed it since it’s inception.

      • Please let us know how it goes, Jamie. And thanks for the p.s. love! Commenters like yourself make this blog what it is! Regards, Steven

      • Yves Marchand says:

        I agree with Jamie about the LTSS Plus offer as nothing but a ploy to get LTSS subscribers to go to a paid service with a two-year discounted rate.

        I wouldn’t wait until the channels disappear before getting the used MPEG-4 capable box unless lack of service doesn’t matter. At $13.95 shipping, it is cheaper than getting a used box elsewhere (unless one can source it for free). Shaw already moved the Radio Canada station to MPEG-4 compression, though most readers here might not care.

      • Good points, Yves. I wrote about the Radio-Canada change here: . I care! Regards, Steven

  61. Jamie says:

    In the first line of the fine print clearly states. “One (1) active MPEG-2 receiver is eligible for a complimentary replacement rental. The replacement receiver will be a refurbished rental model.”

    Sounds like they are giving out second hand out of date receivers at a $14 shipping cost to us lowly ltss clients. I will pursue this further with Shaw and will not back down to anything less than what is rightfully ours.

    I have seen friends and family members fall into Shaw’s promotional traps over the years & wished they could go back. I warned all of them that this is a one time shot, and that they will offer deals to get them into contracts which they can not reverse once done.

    • Yves Marchand says:

      Terrible to see people get caught in promotional traps.

      The used Motorola DSR600 is not out of date for LTSS purposes. I have one that was a leftover from a discontinued service. It is simply not WiFi capable (only has an RJ45 receptacle for hard-wired networks) for Shaw Direct’s Free Range and online ordering of PPV services, which aren’t available to LTSS subscribers anyway. It is very compact compared to other models but one does lose the front time / channel display and power button. It does have the advanced channel lineup and can show HD channels, if subscribed.

    • Hi, Jamie. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link named after Shaw Direct’s original name, “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  62. Orphyr says:

    I know the penny has been pulled out of circulation, but here is my 2 cents worth. When the CRTC required Shaw to provide free Local Television –

    ARCHIVED – Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-78261.

    “Local television satellite solution”

    61. The Commission notes that there was a general consensus that the “local television satellite solution” initiative would benefit approximately 31,500 households that are outside the mandatory markets and that rely on OTA reception from transmitters operating on channels 52 to 69. Those households may lose OTA access to local and regional programming if broadcasters operating transmitters on channels 52 to 69 choose to cease operating OTA transmitters altogether based on the requirement to vacate these channels.

    62. The Commission commends Shaw for this initiative as it will provide affected households with the necessary reception equipment, and associated installation, required to maintain free access to the programming of local and regional stations that were previously available over the air.

    63. The Commission requires Shaw to direct the allocated $15 million for this initiative towards providing a satellite receiver and dish, and associated installation, to households that had relied solely on OTA reception to access at least one local and/or regional television station that was operating on channels 52 to 69 outside mandatory markets, and that had ceased OTA transmission due to the transition. Further, once those households that are outside mandatory markets and that relied on OTA reception from transmitters operating on channels 52 to 69 have had an opportunity to avail themselves of such a program, the Commission expects Shaw to provide households, both inside and outside mandatory markets, that have lost access to at least one OTA signal with satellite reception equipment until the allocated funds have been exhausted.

    64. Until the end of its next DTH licence term, Shaw is required to provide households that avail themselves of this initiative with access to local and regional programming, in accordance with the forthcoming general authorization for broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs) relating to the free local package.

    65. If required and or requested by Shaw or others, the Commission is willing to consider putting into place regulatory measures to facilitate the implementation of this initiative and to ensure that those Canadian households affected are able to access this initiative in a timely manner. The Commission expects that this program be made available to affected households three months prior to the digital transition date of 31 August 2011, despite challenges that Shaw may face in limiting access to this program to these households.”

    there was no mention of an end date.

    Unless there is a rebirth of over the air (OTA) transmissions, I don’t see how Shaw can renege on its obligation to these households regardless of the upgrades they are performing. As far as I’m concerned it is up to Shaw to provides these upgrades free of charge. What are your thoughts on this?

  63. Timo Jaakkimainen says:

    Hi there. I just found this site while doing some research on LTSS. I got LTSS at my parent’s cottage (near Perth, ON) back around August 2014 (just before the deadline). I got 12 channels, mostly Northern Ontario, but we didn’t complain because the cost was good (free).

    My comment is a follow-up to what others have mentioned above. I just received that same letter from Shaw Direct, about their upgrades to their networks and how we need to order a new receiver for $13.99 shipping. What I noticed in the fine print is that it is a “rental model”. It sounds like we don’t have to pay a monthly fee for it, but it does state that we have to send it back when the LTSS program ends. So, I guess there will be another fee for us to ship these “new” refurbished receivers back.

    (Note: The upgrade program does come at a good time, as we noticed this past weekend when we opened up the cottage that the received won’t turn on. The horizontal lines loop, but that is all. So, getting a new receiver will hopefully at least address that issue.)

  64. Scott M. says:

    Hmm. I got a call about LTSS and was *specifically told* it expires at the end of August 2018. Was given the list of 32 channels, offered $10/month for 24 months, and again explicitly told that the service would stop working at the end of next month.

    Got the person’s contact info — I think I was being given the hard sell.

    • Yves Marchand says:

      This is partly true. Anyone who has the old StarChoice receivers will lose their signal when all channels move to MP4 compression. You can order one online from Shaw and pay $17 shipping or see if you can source a more recent receiver capable of MP4. Shaw itself did state that LTSS ends in August of 2019, about the time their license comes up for renewal

      Resist the high-pressure sales tactic and avoid going for the paid deal as there is no going back to LTSS if it does get extended. At the end of the two year period of $10 a month service, you can only continue getting service by opting for one of their regular packages.

    • Hi, Scott. The LTSS is up for review by the CRTC in August 2019. You can always file a complaint with the CCTS: Regards, Steven

  65. Scott M. says:

    He specifically said that “our contract with the CRTC expires at the end of August” (and clarified he meant this August). That’s pretty much a direct quote (and, I figure, a lie).

    • Yves Marchand says:

      I never put it past whoever hires these sales contractors to bend the truth. There were actually a couple of investigative reports over the big media companies using deceptive sales practices to bully unwary customers into accepting contracts that only advantaged the big players. Of course, the media companies all have a disclaimer that anything said over the phone counts for nothing – except when they get you to day “yes” – which then locks you into non-cancellable two-year contracts. They all claim that their internal and well hidden policies govern all contracts notwithstanding claims and promises made over the phone.

      I find it oddly coincidental that no one from Shaw has attempted to contact me in the years since I have had the service. They do know however that my current receiver is capable of decoding MP4 signals and that therefore I won’t lose my signal this August.

      Reminds me of a recent warranty service call I had recently that turned into a sales pitch based on half-truths interspersed with deliberate lies. I tossed that guy out on his ear.

    • Hi, Scott. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link named after Shaw Direct’s original name, “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  66. T. Alderson says:

    FYI: Here is the reply that I received from the CRTC today regarding the end of the LTSS.
    Unfortunately it seems like it is a done deal.

    I removed the senders name as I did not seek permission to post.

    Thank you for contacting us about the LTSS program.

    Shaw Direct was responsible for establishing the terms of service of its LTSS program. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) does not get involved in determining the length of the program. It now becomes a business decision if they would like to continue offering it because it has passed the original seven-year period as stated in paragraph 36 of Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-782. The program is currently set to end on August 31, 2019.

    As a background, when the CRTC approved the change in the effective control of Canwest Global Communications Corp.’s licensed broadcasting subsidiaries in 2010, the Commission approved an application for Canwest Global to spend $15 million for the provision of satellite-delivered local broadcasting services to former over-the-air (OTA) households in markets where local broadcasters have not converted to digital transmission.

    This is because of the CRTC’s tangible benefits policy allows the market to govern the transfer of broadcasting licences as part of ownership transactions while recognizing that broadcasting licences allow licensees to benefit from the use of public property. It is also to ensure that the applicant has filed the best overall proposal under the circumstances in order to compensate for the absence of a public call for applications. The Commission determined that the benefits to the broadcasting system should be commensurate with the size and nature of the transaction and set the value of the tangible benefits to be equal to 10% of the value of the transaction.

    More information is available in Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-782 “Change in the effective control of Canwest Global Communications Corp.’s licensed broadcasting subsidiaries” See paragraph 35, and 61-65.
    After August 2019, if you do not have access to over-the-air stations in your area and you wish to continue viewing television, you will need to subscribe to cable, satellite or Internet television service.


    Client Services | Services à la clientèle
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission | Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes
    Ottawa, Canada K1A 0N2
    Telephone | Téléphone 1-877-249-2782 / TTY | ATS 1-877-909-CRTC (2782)
    Outside Canada | Hors Canada 819-997-0313 / TTY | ATS 819-994-0423
    Facsimile / Télécopieur 819-994-0218
    Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

  67. Reneb says:

    Shaw satellite has always been a joke regarding the ltss program only standard defintion channels
    I was also under the impression that when SD went to hdtv (roof antenna) everyone in what ever province they where in were suppose to receive local channels by roof antenna no matter there location in there province….

    • Homer says:

      I believe the issue was that the old TVs were NOT ABLE to receive the digital signal with the old analogue TV receiver. The old TVs could still receive satellite TV signals.

    • Yves says:

      LTSS provided some basic Canadian channels to those in areas not served by very large cities. When signals converted to digital, most lower power transmitters were simply shut down leaving many LTSS subscribers with no service at all or at least the loss of their CBC station in cities outside of major metropolitan areas. Those on border areas near US cities gained many channels as Americans took advantage of the usable signal within each channel to offer two to five channels where they only used to offer one. That allowed for the establishment of smaller networks that showed classic TV, westerns, comedy, local weather and radar, action channels and major networks not preciously available in the area. Since most broadcasters in Canada are owned in a highly concentrated form, it made more sense for them to shut down transmitters and force people into getting a subscription to one of the big providers such as Bell, Shaw, Cogeco, Rogers, Videotron, etc. Only in Canada do we have to choose between poor service for which we pay through the nose or simply cut the cord. I certainly won’t be with Shaw or any of the other big boys when LTSS ends.

  68. Reneb says:

    Is cbc a Canadian channel paid for by the Canadian taxpayers?
    So how is it that a Canadian taxpayer that lives in a rural cannot receive this channel unless they pay a cable or satellite company to view it..especially when they are paying for it already….
    I think no one cares anymore because they have Netflix and there cellphones and thats what cbc and others are relying why would they push the issue to supply locals to rural areas even thou
    A taxpayers channel should be available to all taxpayers even if it is viewed or not….and if that’s the case get rid of this channel and quit charging the taxpayers for it………..
    And yes they can view it online but not all people have high speed internet to view it on line which is another expense to supposedly watch a free channel in canada

    • Yves says:

      Just try to stream anything in a remote area. Nobody provides a decent high-speed internet there. TV signals could over quite a large area but cell towers are very limited in range. Forget about getting anything via cable or phone lines other than dial-up speeds.

      I’m lucky to have a cottage near the U.S. border. Tons of U.S. stations come in, but not much from Canada and certainly no CBC since they killed most re-transmitters.

  69. Casey says:

    If your worried about loosing LTSS, ask Shaw Direct about LTSS Digital Lite.

    LTSS Digital Lite costs me $20 per month, cheap for over 100 channels, including sports, specialty and music. It allows you to have additional receivers and PVRs – A $6/ mo multi receiver fee applies but that gives you lifetime warrant on your receivers. It also includes FreeRange TV on your computer. tablet or cell phone.

    In my area I get mostly English but some French channels are included. HD & SD channels while some are SD only at this time. It’s a great deal where I live.. we have no off air TV available. The only other option is very expensive cable TV!

    Here is a list of some of the channels we get:

    Canadian networks CBC, CTV, Global, City TV – local & some time shifts. US networks, ABC CBS, NBC, Fox & PBS, Sports – several TSN and Sportsnet channels, History TV, HGTV, MovieTime, APTN, Action, LifeTime, E!, Discovery, CTC, CBC & MSNBC news + 40 music channels.

    From what the Shaw rep told me, I get this rate indefinitely.


    • Tim says:

      The rate is not indefinite. It goes up to $25 year 2, and can then go up arbitrarily after that. (according to Shaw). I can’t get OTA signals here for CBC. I don’t need or want anything beyond CBC and perhaps CTV, I should not have to pay hundreds per year, lining the pockets of Shaw just to watch CBC…As said above, we all pay for it already.
      I can’t get decent reliable high-speed at home through cable or phone, so live stream is a no-go, unless I pay $150 per month for LTE internet with a high enough cap to not have to ration the TV time. Guess I’m snookered.

    • Yves says:

      What reps say and what you get aren’t necessarily the same. Unless you have a guarantee in writing from Shaw, whatever “deal” you got has an expiry date and you will end up with an “upgraded” package after a certain time, likely two years, that you will have to change or cancel lest you get billed the new amount.

      All the big players go by the same playbook much to the chagrin of consumers and is the motivation behind a series of CRTC hearings over the last few months over the unethical practices of the big players. Anything said by a rep means nothing and their written terms make sure of that – a hidden contract which no one can access sets out the real terms which basically gives Shaw the power to change any plan at any time and a customer’s only recourse is to cancel ahead of the change. Sometimes these changes aren’t well advertised or announced. They might show up in the fine print at the bottom of a bill.

      That said, I have yet to receive any offer from Shaw or a notice giving me the termination date of LTSS. I do get the annual letter stating that I am on LTSS so they do have my address. I don’t answer the phone from numbers I dont know, so they can’t contact me that way unless they leave voicemail, which few sales callers will do. They don’t have my payment info so they can’t do anything other than kill my receiver on the end date of the program. I may still get channel 9 (Knowledge) as it appears to be in the clear or even the Nunavut Legislative channel. I’ll see in August when the program ends.

    • Hi, Casey. If you would like Shaw Direct’s LTSS to continue beyond August you have until May 13, 2019 to tell the CRTC. To comment on Shaw Direct’s LTSS, click on the following link named after Shaw Direct’s original name, “Star Choice Television Network Incorporated”: . Remember to detail your personal LTSS story and how an end to the LTSS would impact your household. Regards, Steven

  70. Reneb says:

    I do not trust shawdirect…years ago I took a deal for $9.99 a month for 24 months then it would be full price…everything was good for the first 2 months then the bill started to change from month to month it would be $10.47 the next month $13.99 it would always be different then the $9.99 they offered….Finally at month 15 with 9 months left on there deal they sent me a notice
    That I would have to pay full price because they couldn’t afford to keep giving me this deal
    Right then and there I cancelled there was no dealing with the sales person who was rude to me
    So never again will I pay shawdirect

  71. Yves says:

    LTSS channels started showing up in HD for me. Tuned in CHCH (April 8th, 2019) and it gave me the option of staying on HD or going to HD. When I chose HD, it was there. When I checked the channel lineup for subscribed channels, there were the rest of the LTSS channels, in the 500s. Not sure if this is a mistake, but it is nice to see a better picture for the last 4 1/2 months of the program..

  72. My dad is also receiving APTN and TVO in HD now as well via the LTSS.

  73. Lynn says:

    I was away so therefore I missed the May 13th deadline. Do you know when the ruling will come out, and where would we find it when it does? Thanks!

  74. Randy larson says:

    The crtc/ government owes it to Canadians to rule in our favor regarding LTSS. I too have this service and without it I will not receive any TV channels, not even basic CBC. I find it deceptive how Shaw is trying to have us sign up and pay for service before any ruling is handed down. Was this service not sponsored by the government at one time?

    • Yves says:

      Shaw’s attempt to convince LTSS subscribers to pay is an attempt to reduce the apparent number of LTSS subscribers and also an attempt to get revenue from clients that were supposed to get a free service. Once on the paying plan, the discount os good for only two years after which full payment will be required. The CRTC rarely rules in favour of consumers and more recently, the Liberal government is signalling that it wants the big telcos to continue overcharging and eliminating competition as they do while letting consumers know that they will have to “compromise” on value.

  75. Patrick stedman says:

    we have been cut off as of August 15, 2019….screen says we need to subscribe and they give a phone number to call….I am annoyed and as an OAP am confused as to what to do

    • Hi Patrick. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Did you try calling Shaw Direct and getting them to flash your receiver? Please advise, Steven

    • Yves says:

      Definitely call Shaw to get them to flash your receiver. They have been transitioning to HD for channels which affected the LTSS lineup, but if your unit hasn’t been flashed in a while, the channels you would normally get may not show up or you’ll get a message that the channel is not subscribed. The newer boxes have a function where you can do an update on demand.

      In Ontario, so far, there are a few SD channels still left on the lower numbers but most have been either repeated or moved in HD to the 500s. HD OMNI1 (42) shows as unsubscribed, but I still get it. Lost in the HD transition are the Shaw barker channel (2), the SD Knowledge Network (9), SD Shopping Channel and SD BC Legislature that were in the clear. The Fireplace Channel that is in the clear and appears in the November / December time frame now becomes the Frame Channel (949) showing vistas around the world during the rest of the year. SD CTV2 Alberta (23) is still in the clear as is the lone radio channel CKUA (828).

      The only communications I have received from Shaw in the last few months are a mailed statement showing my LTSS subscription with no mention of the impending shutdown and an e-mail in the last couple of days telling me that channels were being converted to HD and possibly shifted to new channels. Have received no calls or offers in any other form to transition to a different package.

      • seb says:

        I’ve only received the same two communications Yves mentions recently, no other calls or mailings.
        It seems odd that their licence has only been renewed for 3 months and not several years.

  76. Rob Jarvis says:

    What is the current status of Shaw’s LTSS progam ?

    • Yves says:

      Shaw has declared it will end the program on August 31st, 2019. It is up for license renewal and some people have made a case to the CRTC to have the program continued, but I don’t know what the decision will be. In any case, my take on it is that Shaw will end the program in 11 days unless otherwise directed, which I dont think to be likely given the CRTC’s track record.

  77. FF says:

    Michael in the crtc.gc link you provided, the writer or composer of that page made an error or does not understand the purpose of LTSS. It says “The LTSS program was created by Shaw Direct as part of benefits package when it acquired CanWest Global back in 2010. The free program offers Canadians a satellite-delivered TV service in areas where local broadcasters have not converted to digital.” It should read ” free program offers Canadians a satellite-delivered TV service in areas where local broadcasters HAVE converted to digital.” The people with older, non digital TV would have lost their TV signal when those networks converted their transmitters to DIGITAL. If those networks kept transmitting the analog signal, all those old TVs would continue to receive the traditional analogue signal.
    In any case, that error does not seem to affect the intent or content of the message that the CRTC is washing it’s hands of the matter.

  78. 1yves1 says:

    It is September 1st, 2019, and I am still getting an LTSS signal. Anyone else in that boat?

  79. trottida says:

    …and its gone

    • 1yves1 says:

      Indeed. We are left with very few channels: CKUA Radio, Nunavut Legislature, BC Legislature and the Travel Pics Channel (Fireplace channel in the Christmas season).

      • Thanks for sharing, Yves. Are those remaining channels via LTSS? Please advise, Steven

      • 1yves1 says:

        The remaining channels are probably “in the clear” and accessible to any Shaw box capable of decoding MPEG-4 signals. The Barker channel is back too after being “unsubscribed” for a few months.

      • 1yves1 says:

        Further to my reply, my Shaw receiver’s “authorization status” is Zero Key (ZK) where it used to be a series of numbers which probably means Shaw removed the LTSS plan. Locally, in Waterloo, ON, I can still get CTV, TVO and Global by antenna. CBC shut down its repeater around the time LTSS started. The cottage on Wolfe Island in Ontario is better off with access to a ton of US OTA stations from northern New York after they wnet digital with all stations having up to five substations. The only reliable Canadian station is CKWS, a Global affiliate. Depending on the state of the troposphere, I can occasionally get signals from Hamilton to Ottawa to Montreal.

    • Sorry to hear, trottida. What’s your plan for TV access? Please advise, Steven

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